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What cabinet to use with Traynor YGL-3a?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by RC_matthias, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Hey all!

    I'm here in function of my band's bassplayer, he needs a louder setup than his current combo because well... If he wants to be heard over my Hiwatt DR103 he's gonna need a lot more kerr-pow! :smug:

    Anyways, I found a Traynor YGL-3A Mark III head on the vintageamps.com forum. I've heard this thing is a real beast as a bassamp aswell as a guitaramp...

    The only problem is, since we're from Europe and can't get cheap avatarcabs made & shipped, that I really don't know what kind of cabinet I could combine with this head that will do it any justice?

    It needs to be relatively budgetfriendly... Thinking around 600€ (maximum 800), yet pack a lot of power and make the lows come through aswell as the highs (think some sort of Entwistle sound... we want it LOUD)

    Any suggestions, all are welcome!


  2. MIJ-VI

    MIJ-VI Inactive Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2009
    You'll need the largest 4 Ω cab (or two large 8 Ω cabs) you can find (8x10 etc) in order to move enough air to have any hope of an 80 Watt bass amp keeping up with your Hi Watt--and that's if you don't crank your amp.

    Optimally, bass rigs need 3 to 4 X the wattage, coneage, and cabbage to deliver clean deep sound when competing with LOUD guitar amps.

    Hiwatt DR103

    Traynor YGL-3A Mark III

    80 Watts sine-wave @ 4 Ohms

    From Velvet Black - Germany

    From Viva Analog - Canada
  3. Only 80 watts? The YBAIII was 135, the YBA IIIa was 350 I believe.
    The YGL is really more of a guitar amp. I dont know for sure, but it may have a highpass filter on the preamp. Maybe have a tech check it out to see if there is a mod to "open up" the sound and let more bottom in. OTOH, bandlimiiting the bass to just midrange may be your only hope of getting loud enough.
    Rock a pair of 8 ohm 4x10 cabs and it just might crack loud enough. Though when I had a ybaIII into a pair of 4x10's it was only ever barely loud enough with 135 watts!
  4. JoshuaTSP


    Sep 26, 2008
    YGL is only 80w.....but it's really loud. (4) 6CA7s (EL34s) should push out more than that...100w at least.

    I own one myself, and recently used it at practice. I loved the tone. Channel 3 with the master around noon. The EQ isn't as flexible as most....since you only have treble, mid, and bass.
    I'm in a stoner rock type band and it held up at practice volume. The guitar plays a SUNN 200S on about 4 (volume). I'd be a little worried to use it at a gig without a good PA.
    depends on how loud you are as a band and how much headroom you need.

    And let me tell you......low end isn't a concern with these amps. At 3-4 on the bass control is more than you'd ever need. :)

    If you want to keep up, an efficient cab would be preferred.
  5. Hey all! Thanks for the quick replies!

    From your posts I've learnt that the head itsself isn't exactly the loudest for bass... But yet I'll just give it a shot since I'm not planning to crank my Hiwatt anyways, it's already too much of an earkiller at 9 o' clock.

    We just want to be able to feel the powerful bass all over stage and also project it to the crowds...

    @Joshua: What cabinets did you use with it?
    And in general, any specific brands of cabinets I should be looking for? Keeping in mind the budgetlimit of 600-800$ I mentioned plus the fact that I live in Europe and can't import Avatarcabinets... I was looking at some Markbass cabinets but am quite unsure...

    Will a 2x15 do or will it have to be 4x10 or even 8x10 at least?

  6. JoshuaTSP


    Sep 26, 2008
    The head is plenty loud for most situations (especially with guitar).....I'm just not accustom to running out of power or headroom....since I use solid state for gigs.

    I've got a Ampeg V4 coming in this week....so I'll be able to compare the volume to it.
    A lot of people gig with a V4 without issue.

    I'm using a SWR 2x15 cab with Emi Kappalites.
    That's all I've ever used it with....
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