What cabs from a Mono Bi amp? it's a Trace Elliot

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  1. Lo Jo

    Lo Jo

    Mar 22, 2005
    Hopefully someone can help me out of my confusion. :confused: I have an old Trace AH350X which is as far as I can tell, mono Bi amp. Having read lots of other threads I'm getting confused as it seems that usually there is a low and hi channel. :( My amp has a channel B "full pass suitable for 4, 8 or 16 Ohms" and a Channel A "Hi pass suitable for 8 or 16 Ohms". Niether of these can be adjusted or switched in any way.
    What I am confused about is:
    1) if you don't plug anything into the hi pass channel and only use the full pass @ 4 ohms are you getting less than full power from the amp? :meh:

    2) can I put an 8 ohm load on the Hi pass channel AND a 4 Ohm load on the Full pass? Or would this lower the impedance too much and fry things???? :eyebrow: Or do you consider the channels seperately for calculating impedance loading? ie put 8ohms on the Hi, and 4 Ohms on the Lo?

    Does Bi amping like this sound any good anyway? If so, which size cabs on which channel?
    Basically I just want to get the full power (and volume ;) ) out of my amp, with a nice clear tone.

    I got hold of the manual off the net but it's for all Mk V amps, not the AH350X specifically, says only briefly to watch the impedances! Thanks for any help! :help: