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What colleges do you like

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Davidoc, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. That aren't incredibly difficult to get in to? I've been looking right now at alot of state universities. (delaware, massachusettes, maryland, etc)

    I know that there are many people here in college. What college do you go to? Do you enjoy it there?

    The thing is, there are many good virginia state schools, but they're all really really hard to get into.

    I just thought I'd post this and see if anyone knows what I'm talkig about.
  2. Johnalex


    Jul 20, 2001
    South Carolina
    University of South CArolina. I attend there tight now. If you are into business then it is one of the best business schools in the country. It has a nice environment as well. I really like it.
  3. pigpen02


    Mar 24, 2002
    I don't think VCU in Richmond is hard to get into, and its right downtown. u of va in wise isn't terribly selective either. for that matter, neither are james madison nor george mason.

    i went to west va u, nice, but the town leaves a bit to be desired.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I was actually considering north carolina, hmm, interesting, I never considered south carolina.

    Well, VCU is easy to get into, but it's well, maybe not the best eductation available.

    UVA and JMU are really hard to get into (although I just may apply to JMU anyhow, just for the hell of it). Excellent, excellent schools, but hard to get into if you don't have close to a 4.0 (or if you're not black or hispanic)

    George mason... good school, I could probably get into it, but there's one problem with that... since I live 10 minutes away, I won't be able to enjoy a real college life away from parents :(.

    I'm thinking of applying early decision to Delaware (with a binding agreement) Does anyone have any experience with that school?

    Thanks pig and alex, I appreciate the suggestions.
  5. Thor

    Thor Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Around this area, there are a few very nice schools, depending on your specific interests,
    which you neglected to expand upon.

    The University of Rhode Island is quite nice, and rather diverse. The campus is rural, 15 mins to the beach, has a full battery of outstanding academic departments. It offers on campus housing and Greek life, for those interested. It is small as far as state schools go.

    Salve Regina University is a small college in Newport RI, which up until 10 years ago was mainly a womens nursing college. They have now expanded their curriculum and admitted a percentage of men. Some of the most beautiful campus buildings in the world are here. Oceanfront. Newport is totally about babe action ... www.salve.edu

    Roger Williams University is waterfront as well, and has developed a nice reputation academically, and is considered a good value. You canj get a good education here.

    Providence College, Dominican affiliated, is a strong school academically. A Big East school, it is an urban campus, but does not host a football program. Basketball is PC's claim to fame, where they are always a strong contender in the Big East. Academically, they compare well with Boston College and Loyola in Baltimore, all Catholic affilliated colleges.

    There is Brown University, but forget it, hardly anyone can get in to that place. Very selective.

    As far as U of V, it is much harder to get into for out of state applicants, based on my knowledge. [ College Alumni Volunteer Interviewer and Area Volunteer Chair ]

    Finally, if you are a senior, you REALLY got to get a move on and start physically visiting these places. If you are a Junior, you should have worked your final list down to 10 schools by MAY so you can visit each and every one next summer.

    Good luck!

  6. Hmm, actually, I think I'm going to take a look at those (specifically university of rhode island.) Actually, since a
    $40 application fee doesn't mean much in the long run, I think I'll apply there. Another added to the list. Thanks. (the 15 minutes from the beach business has my attention :))

    Oh, about UVA. There's no way I can get in. The chances are less than slim to none.
  7. Phat Ham

    Phat Ham

    Feb 13, 2000
    I go to UVa. Great school. Thor is right about in-state being easier to get in than out of state. UNC is very competitive. They are as selective as UVa is. For in state schools have you looked at Tech or Old Dominion?
  8. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    This is the opposite of how the UW-Madison works. They like that out-of-state tuition money (4k/yr for resident vs 18k/yr for out of state :eek: ), so we're full of retarded east-coasters (no offense to east coasters, i think we just get all your rejects.)
  9. I like my school Umass Amherst.
  10. Thor

    Thor Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    You're right. The same mentality of 'I can't get into a selective school' applies. A lot of the Eastern private colleges are selective or very selective, and the Eastern State schools are getting tougher to get into, than they used to be. Then UW gets the money, amd claims student body geographic diversity. That's a win-win.

    I do too. I like all those schools up there, UMass, Smith, Amherst, Hampshire, and Mount Holyoke. Mmmm. MHC rocks! What a great area to go to college, and those schools are topnotch! You are lucky to be able to go there.

    DavyO, I think you REALLY need to put more effort into a college search than you are doing. If you are going to spend four years of your life in college, you really want to get to know the places well.

    You, and all of you looking at colleges, should keep the following in mind...

    A list of about 10 schools that are a good match for you. And your set of interests. You may have thirty, but you need to pare the list so it's manageable.

    Structure the list by selectivity.

    At least 1 or 2 high reach schools, maybe not Havard, but is there a school you would really want that is a stretch for you? [ UVa in DavyO's case, maybe ]

    2 or more reach schools. If you don't go for gold, you usually don't get it. Go for the gold!

    3-4 middle reach schools, colleges that you would expect to get into based on their admission stats, and you would be happy spending 4 years at.

    2 definite safety schools. You're so messed up, NOBODY wants you, well, you're still going to college and can always upgrade or transfer, assuming you are not brain dead.

    That is a well researched, workable list. In order to do this, you really need to visit some of these campuses and get a feel for what they are all about. They differ radically in tone, you will find out.

    This may be the most important piece of homework you do this year. And this ain't your mother telling you, either.

  11. Phat Ham

    Phat Ham

    Feb 13, 2000
    'round here all the smart kids are from out of state and TJ (you nova people will know what I'm talking about) and the dumbasses are from in state. So yeah all the retards here are east coasters too.
  12. Thanks for the helpful advice thor. I'm going to apply to as many colleges as possible early. And yeah, that plan soudns great.

    Nick-actually I already applied to Umass ahmerst.

    Well, about the TJ thing- Isn't there a limited number of people each school can take from TJ? But then again, it seems like everyone from that school goes to either UVA or an ivyleague school.

    Hmmm, I wish I could get into UVA. I'm thinking JMU might be a nice reach school though. Thanks for the advice everyon!

    Oh, btw ham-you got me thinking. I know when you said NOVA, you were refering to the area but...:D (for those of you who don't know what i'm talking about, well, nova's the joke school-the community college)
  13. Thor

    Thor Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Be advised there are different types of early applications.

    Early Decision: application usually deadlines NOV 1st, or so, requires that you make a BINDING commitment to attend that school if accepted.
    They will ask for a signed document to that effect. You cannot ethically apply to 2 or more Early Decision binding programs. This is a good choice either:
    A for a high reach, (Woohoo, I got into UVa) or;
    B I already know I would be really happy at James Madision, and I really want to go there.

    You are expected to withdraw all other applications if accepted, Usually hear by Xmas.

    Early Action: Usually NOT BINDING. You can apply to a Early decision and one or more Early Action.
    Your commitment is to the first is still binding.

    Rolling admissions, some schools like URI require some programs to be applied for by Dec 1st. Once again, if you get a favorable early decision, you need to withdraw all other applications such as this.

    Regular admissions: Dealines between Dec 1 and mid March, depending on the school. The earlier you get them in, the better your chances of getting what you like. Also, the better your chances of getting financial aid if needed.

    Don't plan on sending a bunch of early admission applications, it doesn't work that way.

    But if you have made a choice, send that one definitely. On time. Get an interview and a campus tour. Admission offices keep records on thteir contacts with you, it qualifies your level of interest in the school.

    Take care

  14. Why do you say don't apply to everything early?

    Delaware's my early decision school, as it's the only one that i've looked into (and i've looked into alot) that has a binding policy. If I was accepted there, I'd go, so I'm applying there with a binding agreement.

    I'm applying to the rest early action. Why do you say not to do that?
  15. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    must have a lot of retards then :p
  16. Vassar College, its great. It's very cynical, and a trifle pretentious, but everyone here is very friendly and the campus is lovely.

    My dad and my brother both went to UVA, I've been told it is very hard to get into, but you have a leg up if you're a Virginia resident or the child of an alumni (or both). But that's my experience with it.
  17. Thor

    Thor Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    I did not say that. This is what I said:

    Early Action: Usually NOT BINDING. You can apply to a Early decision and one or more Early Action.
    Your commitment is to the first is still binding

    I may have confused you with this:
    Don't plan on sending a bunch of early admission applications, it doesn't work that way.

    Let me clarify:
    Don't plan on sending a bunch of 'early decision' admission applications, it doesn't work that way.



    Edit: Vassar was on both my kids lists, I toured it twice. Nice campus, great dorms, pretty girls,
    nice library, academically very strong.
    Sounds like you like it there BigWill!
  18. oh, lol sorry. Yeah, the line you mentioned was the one I was looking at. :p