What do Darkstar pickups sound like?

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  1. I am buying a Lakland Decade with Darkstar pickups in it. I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what they sound like. What styles do they sound better at i.e. rock, funk, etc.
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    If I'm not mistaken, the picture shows the new ChiSonic pickups, but the sound samples are still from the older Decades with the Darkstars.

    Beat me to it, Thump Jr...
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    Yes...that is correct.
  4. Kenny Allyn

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    Big sound, very even with crisp bright highs and quick attack, the bottom is massive but not muddy ... well I say more HERE

    Fred Hammon, Mr Dark Star pickups, with Bud LeCompte and myself at the Summer NAMM show


    :smug: ... I was into Dark Stars long before I met Fred, this is DS bass #4 for me, I guess you could say I dig them!
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  5. They kind of sound like an active PJ, to me at least.
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  6. Thanks everyone. Those sound links to the Lakland site really help.
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    Apr 4, 2008
    Those clips sound great!