What do JBL scoops sound like?

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    Sep 7, 2000
    I have a spare 15 laying around and am thinking about building a JBL Scoop style cabinet for it. It's a cabinet that I don't intend to haul around...I've got small cabs for that. Just a fun and weird project (I like making plywood form curves).

    So, what is the general tone of a JBL 4530(?) scoop?

    Also, in the '80s, did JBL sell these with just the K140 driver or were others used?

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    I couldn't really tell you what the tone is, because they're typically used as part of a triamped PA system along with mid and treble horns, and don't have to reproduce frequencies above 100-200Hz. I actually saw one bassist using a JBL double-scoop :eek:, but it was part of a biamp rig and he had a 4x10 on top.
  3. I used to use a Distex copy of one of those but with an 18" Pyle driver. It was insane. I shouldn't have traded it away. It was way big, though. 2' x 2' x 4' high.

    The sound was phenomenal, loud and low, and it even had good mid - high extension. I was able to run a 100 Watt tube amp with that single cabinet for every gig we played. It was loud as hell.

    So in summation -
    Loud, good deep sound = Good
    Big and Heavy = Bad

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    You may want to post the question at HarmonyCentral's Live Sound and Production Forum.