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What do the controls on the Urge do?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BillyB_from_LZ, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. BillyB_from_LZ

    BillyB_from_LZ Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2000

    Stumbled across a Hamm Urge bass today. The one made in the US. The store didn't have a clue what the controls do...can anyone help?

    I didn't plug it in but I seem to recall two concentric knob sets, a rotary switch and a little toggle switch (or two?)

  2. LunarDave


    Feb 5, 2002
    Leeds, UK
    I'm assuming you're talking about the original MIA Urge, which I have and not the Urge 2. Even if it is the Urge 2 the controls may still be the same.

    If you're looking directly at the front of the bass,
    from left to right:

    Rotary Switch -
    Switches the bass from off, to active with mid-range boost, to active with no mid-range boost, to passive mode.

    Concentric knob 1 -
    Outer = Bass Cut/Boost,
    Inner = Treble Cut/Boost

    Switch -
    "up" position = P pickups only,
    "middle" position = P & J pickups
    "down" position = J pickups only

    Concentric knob 2 -
    Outer = Pan control for J pickups, allows you to select neck or bridge pickup, or a variable blend of both
    Inner = Volume control.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Hi:
    i also have a 93 Urge MIA.
    Dave is right on the money. The setup is modeled after a Kubicki factor bass, might even be very close in specs.

    For clarification the rotary dial, closest to the jack, goes from top to bottom w/ passive mode being the knob clicked down all the way towards the ground and stand-by mode (or off) , all the way up.

    Also i found my center switch to be placed sideways, mine works by going click towards front pickup=P p'up, middle= all pickups, and click towards rear=J-pickups.
    Lastly, there is a din switch or small rotary knob (w/ a screw slot in the middle) in the control cavity which can be turned to increase/decrease the mid boost.

    Make sure you play the bass, and listen. The UrgeI's are great fast basses (32" scale) however the electronics are love em or hate em. They can be hissy, and very bright, or just right. You can get a real good P-bass tone, but IMO not so J. I would consider them modern sounding, more electronics than wood so to speak. But overall a great playable bass.

    I can recommend you search here for urge bass, as i have posted some really long reviews (also check out harmony-central, and BGRA.net for more comments)
    Lastly, on ebay these basses can go for $650-900US if you can find them.
  4. LunarDave


    Feb 5, 2002
    Leeds, UK
    I've had the bass for about 3 years and I wasn't aware of the mid-boost adjustment in the control cavity!!! I'll have to have a play with it when I get home tonight. Thanks for that Frank.

    I've been wondering how old mine is, do you know how I can date it?

    I agree that it can sound bright, and I do find myself rolling the treble off, and boosting the bass a little.

    The medium scale can also cause some mild string headaches, as cutting down long-scale strings can leave them too fat for the winding pegs. I use Rotosound medium scale round wounds, which I tend to order 4-5 sets at a time as my local music shops don't tend to stock medium-scale strings. But they will order them from Rotosound for me.
    I did once try a set of Rotosound medium scale flats (bought from a Rotosound stand at an exhibition) which worked well at toning down the brightness, but they were way to expensive for me to use on a regular basis.

    What strings do you use Frank?
    Does anyone know which stings Stu Hamm used on it?

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