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What do we play?

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Néal Zheimer, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Bonjour

    I have some questions about my band's music. We only play original. You can hear some of out material here: http://soundcloud.com/nealzheimer/sets/seed-pulse-labo
    Those are uncut recordings straight from the rehearsal place when we created the songs, they have evolved a bit (and are played nicely) since the recordings.

    1. What kind of music would you say we play?
    2. Would you add a singer in the mix?
    3. What do you think about it?

  2. zmBass


    Sep 3, 2011
    1. I would say Post rock/Experimental rock

    2. No it already sounds cool , (personally) adding a singer would make it sound to busy

    3. Its sounds great and its refreshing to see some new fresh post-rock

    zmBass :)
  3. Thanks for your input zmBass!

    Both the drummer and guitarist say they want to add a singer to the band. I was saying what you say: "for me there's not really room for a singer in our music". I wanted other people's opinion on the subject.

    Oh and the guitarist is a huge post-rock fan.

    Feel free to chime in.
  4. Anyone ?
  5. 4dog


    Aug 18, 2012
    Yeah some vocals would help,, kept my attention for a bit,, then lost it,, sounded good though,, and plenty of space for lyrics
  6. Silas Martinez

    Silas Martinez

    Jan 17, 2007
    Denver, CO
    It sounds to me like there may be a bit of playing to fill the space going on. Yes, I hear room for vocals - but it will probably mean some rearrangement to make space for them.
  7. allanhearn


    Apr 22, 2004
    sounds very good. The right vocalist could take it to another level.
  8. Piggy8692


    Oct 2, 2010
    Northern Utah
    Based only that song, I would look into getting a vocalist. A good vocalist could do a lot with that. If that's your busiest song, definitely get one.
  9. AuntieBeeb


    Dec 12, 2010
    From the first two tracks, I'd say:
    1. Some kind of experimental rock with a touch of ambient
    2. Probably not necessary. Bands like Ozric Tentacles manage to do similar things without a singer.
    3. Really rather good. Nice to hear something a bit different!
  10. bggeezer

    bggeezer Guest

    May 25, 2001
    Depends on where you wanna go and how you wanna get there.

    For me vocals would definitely add to the mix.
  11. I appreciate the new comments.

    My band mates and had a plan to add another member -some kind of keyboardist/synth pads player/hardware/computer assisted musician/sound tweaker/sequencer player/DJ scratcher/...- and go from there regarding the addition of vocals. We sadly have yet to find such fellow weekend warrior interested in the project.

    So now we are open to try vocals given that it will fit the music. We know it would need re-arrangements, we arranged it this way to have some material exposed. We like both instrumental (and non lyrics centered) music and songs (in the way that someone sings it) so it could go either way or mix and match. Instrumentals can convey intentions and energy that words would deserve. On the other hand, lyrics and a voice are sometimes the heart of the song and/or the cherry on top. Having a singer/front man would definitely be a plus.

    Answering quickly and simply the question "What kind of music does your band make?" as been proven to be a challenge in a time limited conversation so I figured, listeners could label it for us right? We don't really care about genres on this project and only go (musically) where we like to go.
  12. Silas Martinez

    Silas Martinez

    Jan 17, 2007
    Denver, CO
    If I had to put a label on the kind of music, I'd call it prog rock. On the lighter side of that spectrum - not prog metal - based on what I've listened to. However, in my opinion, adding vocals will probably make it easier to identify a genre.
  13. Stewie26

    Stewie26 Supporting Member

    Tracks #2, 4, and 5 would make excellent video sound tracks for extreme sports videos like rock climbing, surf and skate, snowboarding etc. In the 90s my band put out an instrumental CD and quite a few of our songs were picked up for sports videos. Video producers are always looking for good instruments that they can edit and build their visual ques to . We did not get rich but the licensing revenue helped pay for some of the studio and CD production cost. For more mainsteam audiences I would consider adding vocals.
  14. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    If it doesn't end with the word "core" about half of TB won't care.
  15. Looks like it.
  16. if you stumble upon a good vocalist you could incorporate that as well.
    but be sure the vocalist is not an egomaniac and doesnt get in the way of the instruments
    btw i have the same question about my band you mind if i open a similar thread tomorrow?
  17. Yeah, I'd like to find one of those. We used to play with a formed opera singer (and actually not a diva at all). We didn't manage to incorporate her singing in the music, we had to leave a lot of room for her voice (mainly the guitarist did).

    Go ahead and open it, I feel it's hard to define your own music when you step out of the main genres. Do you play alien music from Saturn?
  18. non-opera singing opera singers have a certain reputation haha
    no my bands music is actually quite secular
  19. Bassist4Eris

    Bassist4Eris Frat-Pack Sympathizer

    Aug 11, 2012
    Upstate NY, USA
    I'd call it post rock. To me, prog rock implies something more structurally dense. I felt that the music was sufficiently interesting to work as instrumental music, but I also feel there is definitely room for vocals, should you decide to go in that direction. For better or worse, it will make you sound more "commercial" for sure. I really like the idea of an electronics/DJ-type guy in the mix too. I honestly really enjoyed it.
  20. bluewine

    bluewine Banned

    Sep 4, 2008
    Interesting music.

    I'm curious, are you mainly a recording band or do you gig. If yes do you only big shows opening for signed bands, local multi band originals shows. How often do you get to play out or maybe gigging is not the focus of the band?