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What do you do about effects.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by gary mitchell, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. d4fd782a691d8e341534274600e9a74d--old-ford-trucks-rockabilly-rock. I hate pedals I don't know why, but I want effects when I played guitar and played in a Christian metal band I used a rack. 3 Alesis Midi verbs and a Aural Exciter. Whats out there my friends and I just want reverb, chorus, delay and a few mixes know overdrive or distortion, I don't know who to listen to, TC Electronic told me the M100 I could use, that said I could Plug my bass in to the input of the effects itself and come out the output to the amp using the mono side. I am retired and can't afford to make an mistake. closes thing to me is a Guitar Center which i am not very fond of, every time I go there they tell me I can order that, I tell them so can I. They don't have any for me to try. Sorry if I am bothering you all but I make very little money. I thought the picture was just cool.
  2. Hey Gary, not to be a pest but PM'd again.

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