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What do you effects do to your mix?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by PanteraFan, Nov 26, 2001.

  1. My distortion pedal makes me easier to hear in the mix. Today, I was rehearsing with the band, and my distortion pedal made it so I didn't have to turn up as loud, only say 3/4 of normal. My guitarist was using a 75W combo, and we were both stood next to our drummer, with my amp facing away from me, but I heard the gorgeous tone of my PD7 clearly through the noise. All I'd done to my amp was turn my mid sweep to about 11 o'clock and the mid gain to 9 o'clock, which tightened my distortion immensely, but also made me more present. When I turned the pedal off though, I was a lot harder to hear.

    So, what do your effects do to your mix?
  2. I use my svp-bsp for distortion and a little bit of a cut through the mix. I use envelope filters, modulation and octaves to get synth keyboard bass sounds and match with the Synthesizers in my group project...


    Sep 26, 2001
    in the sun
    From what I understand, It depends what effects you are using. The PD7 had alot of "cut through" just by itself and how it is designed. Most likely your refering to an eq situation. If you boost your mids typically you would be able to hear yourself more, but some bassists like myself would cringe at the sound. I had the PD7 but returned it cause it was too noisy for my taste. So from what your saying, your pedal is probably boosting low mids.
    Also most Effects pedals if they are the runn of the mill type ($80 - ) actually take away from the signiture sound of your bass, the culprit of this is usually the bypass switch, which on less expensive pedals runs the signal through the circutry in the pedal instead of passing it directly to the output. but if you get the sound your after with these types of pedals then go for it. I know the PD7 was also bad about this as well, at least the one I had.

    Also it's possible that your boosting your signal volume with your pedal via the level knob :rolleyes:

    Hope this answers your question :)