What do you find most annoying about women?

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  1. well here's one that's bound to start a firestorm. and posted by a chick, no less!:p

    but i'm genuinely curious about this topic. namely coz i've been finding women more and more annoying, probably because i have to deal with them a lot at my goofy retail job.

    here are my main gripes:

    1) women take too long to get to the point in a conversation. when you ask them a question, they don't give you a straight answer; they spend 5 minutes giving you roundabout responses and tangential points that have little or no relevance to the question.

    2) women can be too damn demanding, needlessly. i'm not talking about me telling my boyfriend to wash the dishes after they've been sitting there for 5 days. i'm talking about women who don't get what they want when they want it, and then keep pushing. case in point: a woman came into the store the other day with a return, and no receipt. our policy is, we'll give you a store credit at the lowest selling price. she paid $20 for the item, it went on sale for $6, and that's all i could give her credit for. that wouldn't satisfy her, so she went on for 20 MINUTES about what a stupid policy we had, and refused to leave till she got what she wanted. my thinking was, "lady, just take the loss and step off." my belief with women like this is that they don't have real power at home, so they are looking for ways to control other situations [i'm speaking specifically of rich "ladies who lunch" types who i cater to daily].

    3) Women can be really unsupportive of one another. I don't understand why this is, coz we all know it's a man's world, and we should really be sticking together. But soooo many women I see are just catty and competitive and nasty to one another. Truly a horrible trait. I'm only nasty to women who hit on my mate.

    4)Women don't always know themselves. This is real broad, but... I dunno. I find that women are more preoccupied with the stuff going on around them [family, friends, kids], that they don't tend to their own needs and interests. Again, a gross generalization, but in suburbia, this is what I see. They are more into keeping up with the Joneses and doing what they "should" do rather than what they want to do.

    5) Women still lack confidence in themselves too much, and measure their self-worth on stupid things like looks and weight. Of course, we're inundated with images of young fresh babes on TV and all that, but... get real. Cultivate your inner beauty and your outer beauty will come through.

    Don't know what brought this up for me, really. Possibly, the difficulty I'm having befriending cool women! The women I know who I do respect and admire are much older, like in their 50s and 60s. That's great, but I can't take them to a rock club.

    And to be fair, there are awesome things about women: namely, when you find a great one, they are loyal and supportive and caring and great confidants. They are great conversationalists, something lots of guys just don't do much. And of course, if you're a kid, there's nothing more comforting or self-assuring than your mom [unless she's Joan Crawford].

    So what gets your goat about the fairer sex? Be fair, and don't be too cruel. Even though I was.

    lady meeks

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    They ask questions like "what do you find most annoying about women?"...

  3. I like women in general :D

    But what I dislike is that they can talk all at the same time when they are together. How do they do that? When there's a group of 10 together, 7 conversations are maintained with various contributions form several of them.
    And why do you women apologise to me when your parking goes wrong? I don't care, why are you so frustrated about it?

    And using your period as an excuse for whatever three weeks per month is also a bit odd...
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    Sep 12, 2003
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    i think you covered it all miko.

    just a thought
    i've spent a lot of time in the retail biz too and it's not only women it's all of us.
    get out of the service biz (easier said than done) and you'll find you have a much better outlook.
    in life people abuse other people, stand proud and let your freak flag fly and know that your not like the rest:cool:

    if you let people ruffle you like this then they win!
    write a song play bass stay out of the mall/retail work force it will do you justice!

    ps. my girl friend (also a bass player need other womenites to chill with (start a funky girl band...mmm) pm me


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    Jul 12, 2002
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    ..a lack of :ninja:..
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    Sep 26, 2000
    A lack of ninjas?
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    All right... you asked for it... :eek:

    I hate the subtle signals that all contradict each other that we men are supposed to understand. What the hell happened to plain ole spoken language?

    Almost every woman I know has a complete and utter inability to be honest when there is the slight chance of hurting someone's feelings. Don't they realize that when you find out that they're lying (and it's usually obvious) that you feel worse anyway?

    I don't know about the unsupportive thing. On the whole, I'd say women are more supportive than men are.

    Worst of all is when you are attracted to someone, they know it but want to play stupid games and you don't. Boom, there you are in the Friend Zone, where you can be everywhere and do anything for her and listen to all her problems. Yay.

    Perhaps this is just a gripe about women near my age. Most of the ones that I know near my age haven't had a dose of reality yet, so they still have remnants of giggly teeny-bopperhood in them. That bugs me.

    I tend to get along better with women that are older than me. These days I seem to have great difficulty meeting women that don't piss me off on some level. Those that I do like, don't seem to like me. Many seem to have jerk magnets - resulting in bf's that I would love to smash with a 2x4.

    namely, when you find a great one, they are loyal and supportive and caring and great confidants

    I've only ever known one. Where do the rest hide out?

    You did ask... :)
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    Look at the men these women have to deal with!
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    Jan 11, 2002
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Artist: JAF Basses, Circle K Strings
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    Hm, where do I begin? :D

    A book tip instead:

    Eric Berne - Games People Play

    A pychology classic on the topic.
  12. Actually, I was under the impression that there were much closer to 6.5 - 7 billion people in the world...

    Anyway, gripes about women?

    Why do they run complaining to the nice guy friends about the poopy boyfriends, and fail to realize that nice guy friend is the one who's better for you, and will love you much more than poopy boyfriend?

  13. Why, Sheepy? Because this would make sense! ;)

    More later. It's work time.

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    Yeah, not enuff' of 'em are ninja's, thats my one and only gripe with women.
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    Mar 27, 2002
    I find it annoying that they can't or wont read my mind when I am ogling them and immediately chuck their panties and assume compromising poses .
  16. ...and if you answer that question truthfully from a woman, you'll be laying out $70-$100 at the florist's the next day.........(love that answer of yours X-man!)
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    :D :D
  18. beaglesandbass

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    hey Miko, don't we hate about other people what we see in ourselves??

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    Feb 15, 2003
    When i tell her i love her and she says 'really?'

    I wouldnt say it if i didnt, then that makes me think 'im doing something very wrong'


  20. i'll refrain from any venomous, tangential, PMS-induced commentary or reply, since you put in a smiley.

    btw, does the bassist smiley make my butt look big?