What do you guys think if I paired a tube head with..

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  1. Ampeg bxt15 and a Bergantino HT 210??

    I just found the berg for 450 bucks and it looks in very good conditions!

    Im also looking to purchase a tube head (either some ampeg 300 watt, or the 400+)

    I play reggae/ska muscic. Its aggresive and sometimes very reggaeish.

    What do you guys think?

    I have read some posts about pairing tube heads with the 6x10 and wondering if you think the tube power would be to much for just these 2 cabs!

    both are 4 ohms by the way.
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    It would be fine, I'm sure.

  3. yea im just wondering if it would be to much with just 1 15 and 2 10s

    thats the reason im asking, but im sure it would sound fine as well!

    my next thing will be purchasing a tube amp!

    mmmm tubes

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