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What do you take to a performance ?

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by johnvice, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. johnvice


    Sep 7, 2004
    My intent is not a "show your rack" or "show your axe" but to inventory what you bring to a gig and, if necessary why, and maybe even how.

    In 20+ years of performing, I like to think I have a good "musical first aid kit". That said, I stopped needing things and started taking stuff out that never got used.

    We could all learn from each other's gear inventory and strategy.
  2. jadesmar


    Feb 17, 2003
    Ottawa, ON
    I am a minimalist.

    I bring my EB-SR5, two patch cords, one CAT5 cable with RJ-45 connectors, my FBV footboard and my Bass POD XT.

    If anything bad happens, I sing really bassy into a mic ;)
  3. Why the Cat5 cable with RJ-45s? Do much computer networking at gigs?

    Besides the obvious bass and amp, I bring my pedals, at least one extra cord, an extra set of strings, a wrench/wire cutters, hex keys and/or screwdriver with hex bit, spare battery (for my active pickups), cigarettes, condoms (you never know..), and any promo stuff (fliers, CDs, etc) I want to give out at the gig. Most of it fits in a compartment in my bass case.

    So, what do YOU bring?
  4. jadesmar


    Feb 17, 2003
    Ottawa, ON
    The POD uses network cabling to connect the footboard.

    ETA: Amps are so 2nd millenium. :smug:
  5. Eldermike


    Jul 27, 2004
    years ago I went to the local GI store and purchased a military tool bag. I carry one of everything in it, every where I go. It has tools, cords, battries, extensions, flashlight, bottle of asprin, ear plugs, a DI, even a spare preamp tube. It also has strings and a book I intend to read one day.

    The most important thing I take to gigs is my personal fan. it sits on top of my rig and I stand in front of it and cool down while everyone else melts. The fan get's pack first, that and a towel and several bottles of water.
  6. Psychdave


    Apr 4, 2005
    Valencia, CA
    YEAH... the fan! Sometime I'll tell a funny story about the fan and too many beans. I always have a fan at my gigs, PAR cans from 5 feet away are murder, plus in the 80s it gave my curly locks the flow it needed. :D

    Serious: Fan, two extra instrument cables, 2 sets of strings, 2 sets of fuses, one set of output tubes, Extra mike, extra DI, extra strap. Right now I am only bringing my RIC (makes me nervous) I should bring my fretless but my confidence is not quite there yet. An extra amp and bottom, my practice gear. I only bring one mike stand, with a boom. Lets see.. I have a NADY wireless, sometimes I even use it, some picks I never use them unless I am playing guitar. The guitar bag is a little bigger.. pedals that I never use.. oh well.

    Bass equip: RIC 4003, no name fretless, Boogie 400 SWR goliath 4 x 10, aguilar GS112.

    Guitar equip: Les Paul, Zion T, Boogie F-30
  7. Jazzin'

    Jazzin' ...Bluesin' and Funkin'

    I barely bring anything to me "gigs". They aren't gigs, just various shows. Just my bass, and someitmes my tuner and patch cord.
  8. Xtra cord, strings, FAN and clean face towels. I try to drink a lot of water that day.
  9. Usually an extra bass on the off chance I should break a string. It doesnt happen that often but it's the most horrid thing if it does and you're not prepared for it. Also an extra patch cord (or 4) and a tool box with pliers, allen wrenches, fuses and string snot.
  10. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    2 Basses
    1 Amp
    2 Cabs
    1 Pedalboard
    1 Wireless
    2 Extra cables
    1 Roll of duct tape
    1 Tube of superglue
    1 Extra Set of Strings
    1 Pair nail clippers
    1 NASCAR driver to go get anything I forgot at my house and be back in 5 minutes...
  11. Rockgurl


    Dec 17, 2004
    CT, USA
    I bought a good sturdy tool box and I pack in it duck tape, spare strings, spare cables, wrench, hex keys, screwdriver, Nu Skin (in case of sore fingers for those long gigs!), spare strap lock parts, ear plugs, painkillers, spare mic, spare mic cable, spare battery for my active pickup, and most importantly...a flashlight.
  12. bass
    2 x lead
    spare strings
    leatherman wave
    spare 9v
    gaffer tape
    set list
  13. xshawnxearthx


    Aug 23, 2004
    new jersey
    i know, i used to be a boyscout when i was a kid.

    2 bassess(mia and mim p)
    rack(svt 3 pro, dtr1000 tuner, bbe, furman)
    cab(ampeg 610hlf)

    my tool box has.

    top compartment:
    screws(for misc parts)
    extra parts for my strap locks
    sand paper
    nine vole batteries
    rolling papers(you never know)
    electrical tape
    ear plugs
    duct tape(usually wrap about an inch worth around a pencil)
    battery tester

    main compartment:

    2 cables(one monster, one spectraflex)
    extra cabinet cable
    extra patch cables for rack
    extra strings(usually a full set used, and 2-4 new single strings)
    old tubes(you never know)
    all the paper work and info for my set up(bass, cab, head, rack)
    sans amp
    leatherman super tool(most used tool i own)
    allen key set
    phillips head screw driver
    aa mag lite flash light

    in bass case:

    neck adjustment tool
    swiss army knife
    silica gel
    polish cloth
    whipe down cloth
  14. Warwick Corvette
    Yamaha BBN4 (backup)
    2 guitar stands
    Mic Stand
    Shure SM58 Vocal mic
    AKG spare mic
    Rack case - Hartke 3500 head, Korg DTR1 tuner (do not have a spare head - would just di to PA if it failed)
    Boss TU2 tuner pedal (spare)
    Ashdown ABM mini15 and mini 48 cabs
    Trolley to wheel cabs in on
    Behringer DI box
    Various XLR, guitar and mic leads
    Various surge protected power strips
    Socket tester
    Toolkit for emergencies
    Spare strings, fuses
    Dynacord Powermate 1000 powered mixer (we have our own pa, and this is mine - I do the sound for us too)
    Mixer stand
    Carlsbro powered monitor wedge
    Various speaker leads etc
    Gaffer tape
    2 extension reels - 25m and 40m

    Seems like a lot, but it is 4 jhouneys from car to venue:
    1. Rack case and Powered mixer
    2. Cabs on trolley, and hardware case (wheeled - all leads in it and guitar stands etc)
    3. Basses (on shoulders - strapped gig bags) and powered monitor
    4. Anything else - extension reels etc

    This is about a minimal as I can get things for what we do....you could always play the flute.
  15. RLT


    Jul 10, 2004
    South Central OH
    My it looks like us bass players are paranoid types. You know belt and suspenders types.
    Now how many others carry guitar spares as well? I usually have a couple of sets of strings and extra straps. Plus a couple of tuners. The guitar players never think to bring them. They can use my spare cables when they forget/ loose their own.

    EEEKKK!!! Don't forget extra picks!!!! Guitarists turn into quivering balls of drool when they loose all their picks!!! :p
  16. I always seem to be the one with a spare lead for someone or whatever. I try to get everyone to be "self sufficient" but invariably someone has not checked a lead or something, and we spen time farting around trying to figure what is wrong. Annoys me, but there we go.
  17. I play in a "show" band, so in addition to the regular stuff
    I get to lug two garment bags full of about 7 different tuxedos,
    and a tool box with two pairs of tux shoes(white & black), and
    all the various matching cumberbunds and bow ties etc.
    Extra pieces of straplocks, small sewing kit.

    Furman PL Plus
    Wireless receiver
    Sabine Tuner
    BBE BMax preamp
    Soundtech PS802 power amp
    i-Light(little LED type clip-on light through Musician's Friend)

    Carvin 2x10
    Carvin 1x15

    Another tool box:
    extra mic chords
    extra speaker chords
    extra patch chords
    2 extention chords
    1 outlet strip
    flash light
    fast fret string cleaner
    bungee chords
    chip clips(handy for windy gigs to hold music in place)
    mic stand mounted music stand
    extra 9volts for wireless & active bass
    wireless transmitter
    outlet tester
    2 battery testers

    Dean Razor standard W/hardshell case
    DeArmond Pilot standard W/hardshell case

    In the two bass cases:
    extra instrument cable
    small screw drivers(1 philips/ 1 flat)
    neck adjusting wrench
    extra sets of strings
    multi-tool(screw driver/pliers type combo)
    charts/lyrics sheets
    set lists
    cassette tapes of tunes we're learning

    Mic stand w/boom
    triple folding guitar stand

    It seems like alot seeing it all typed out here, but my keyboard
    player hauls my rack, tool box, and speakers in his trailer,
    so I only need to transport my clothes and basses.
    Unless it's out of town, then I add over night stuff,
    and extra clothes.
  18. Here's a thread you may be interested in.


    In addition to my bass rig, I bring:

    mixer (Mackie CFX-16)
    CD player (Denon, $45 @ pawnshop)
    monitor eq (dbx 215)
    monitor amp (QSC RMX 1850HD)
    3 floor monitors (JBL MR 802)
    assorted cabling

    Here's what I have in my gig bag:

    -Sharpie and paper for writing setlists
    -Spare JBL 2416 compression driver diaphragm (for monitor horns)
    -Mixing console manual
    -Electrical tape
    -Pee Chee folder (remember those from 20 yrs ago?) containing: notes for live sound, note frequencies (great for taming boom in a room), common freq’s that “tune up” drums, bass, guitar, vox, etc., keyboard notes
    -Cd’s for PA lightoff and break music
    -Spare mic clip
    -Spare SM57
    -ConducTool (cleans ¼” m & f connections)
    -Rack screws
    -Zip ties
    -Tweeter bulb for Goliath horn
    -empty 9v packages (oops)
    -Misc. dustbunnies &grime. Oh, and a good coating of bar smooge on everything listed above (that smoke/beer stench that perfumes everything so nicely for you)
  19. My God, some of you are out of control!

    ear plugs
    9 volt battery
    instrument cables
    bass stand
    extension cord
    duct tape

    I won't include the PA gear, that's a whole different story....
  20. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Basses (in gigbags/cases)

    Inside cases/bags:
    Duct Tape
    Allen Wrenches
    Spare strings
    Leatherman multi-tool
    Spare strap
    Gaffers tape
    Pen/Paper (for names/numbers; bands, groupies, or otherwise)
    two pack of fresh 9V batteries
    Instrument Loan Agreement (you thought I was kidding.)

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