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  1. I found this "great deal" on a used MIM Fender bass on Ebay. I ask the guy some questions before bidding, etc., seems good. So, I get it, and the guy totally removes the neck from body to ship it, this is what he tells me: "You won't have any trouble putting it back together -- I didn' thave a big enough box."

    So, I hasn't arrived yet, so don't know what to think about this.
  2. Search around; there was a recent thread I saw about just that. Whether or not it was okay to remove the neck first to ship it. I think it turned out that it was okay. I can't find the thread, yet, but if I do, I'll let you know. ;)
  3. Okay, I'm not the best at getting "links", but try this. This was the thread I was talking about. Hope it works. :D

  4. Don't sweat it...I'm going to have my brother in PA send one of my basses to me this way...
  5. k, yeah i did find the thread. well, since it's a factory bass, i felt no prob, it's just the guy just "did it' w/o communicating. i knew i'd have to set it up and all that, install new strings ,etc (more posts coming!) but there was a part of me wonding if the postman was going to deliver some pretty kindling :)
  6. Yeah. It would have been nice to be told ahead of time of his method of shipping it meant "field-stripping" it. :scowl:

    At least it's do-able and shouldn't be too tough to put back on. ;)
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    Not that big a deal, really. Of course, I'd always rather the neck be shipped on, cause I'm lazy and it's easier. But, still, not a big thing.
  8. yeah, it's interesting, i think for the next upgrade whenever i get the $$ to do it, I will be asking ahead of time, in more detail...
  9. I got lucky and found my next "upgrade" at GC, setup included. Should be in the store next Monday. Can't wait!

    I know it's a pain shipping stuff. My last bass came from Ebay and I waited probably an extra 1 1/2 weeks because the guy couldn't figure out the best way to ship it. When he finally did, it cost him a little more because of "oversize", but they still took it. Luckily it was in a hard case and wrapped to excess! Showed up "mint"! Good luck! :)
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