What do you think of Strunal? And the 5/35 Model?

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  1. Hi folks. In my quest to find the right bass for me I walked into a shop in Ottawa here (on Catherine street) and looked at several basses. There was a lovely Shen Willow (way out of my price range) but to my surprise David (the Luthier) brings me in a 4/4 Strunal model 5/35D.

    I tried it and fell instantly in love with it and the price is reasonable (though it is pre-dinged a little so I am hoping for a bit better price).

    What's everyones opinion on the Strunal Hybrids? and the 5/35 model if you have experience with it.

  2. A Strunal hybrid can be an excelling working person's bass. Tough, good sound, low cost. There are quite a few posts on TB about them. IIRC, according to Mikman, build quality has gone up in the last few years too. What are the actual measurements of the "4/4" size?
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    Dec 20, 2004
    I bought a Strunal 3/4 50/4 from David Gage in the spring. The salesman had mentioned that their line of czech-ease basses are manufactured by Strunal. Apparently David goes over frequently to work with the factory. I can imagine this has only improved their quality.
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    May 30, 2010
    I've had a 3/4 5/35 as my 2nd bass for almost a year now and its really cool. Sounds warm, big and growly (with spirocore mid's). Till now, I only changed the endpin... otherwise a really nice bass with a nice warm Sound..
  5. I picked up a nicely set up 3/4 Strunal 5/35 used off CL a couple months ago.

    Got it for a very good price.

    I'm really happy with it. Prefer it to the Shen 100 I'd looked at a few months earlier.
  6. I've had my Strunal 5/35 since 2000, I have lugged all over NYC on the subways, played many gigs on it. I moved from NYC to Salt Lake City in 2008, the change in humidity didn't have any negative effects on this bass. It is a tank. I love it. I even got a new fingerboard from David Gage in 2006, which wasn't cheap, but this bass is worth it. I will look for a better bass when money isn't such an issue, but I plan on keeping my Strunal too. I've been very happy with mine.
  7. Yes I got a new end-pin too. Mostly because the stock end-pin sucked for using a gaines wheel.


    Mar 4, 2008
    Larisa, Greece
    The 5/35 is a decent instrument, robustly built, with a strong pizz sound. Strung with EP Weich it delivers a warm arco sound, albeit a bit "nasal" for my taste. It features a medium grained carved top and laminated back and ribs. Definitely it is a good choice and it will last for many years.
    If i were in your shoes i'd choose the 5/21 or the 5/27 models. They both feature more resonant laminated backs and they are very beautiful instruments. The 5/27 is my gig bass for hard weather conditions, where i wouldn't dare to use any of my fully carved basses. A real workhorse!!
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    Long & McQuade is the company that imports Strunal/Schoenbach DBs into Canada, so I see quite a few at the store...

    They are sturdily built student basses with wide fingerboards of good ebony and lousy endpins. Properly set up they can sound better than their price might indicate. I have a young client who got into the McGill jazz program playing her hybrid.

    Of course, she's a terrific player! ;)
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    My first bass was a 4/4 Strunal - the ply 50/4 model. Other than the fact that it was a rental that but rough around the edges, and needs a new fingerboard, it's a good sounding bass. LOUD too -which I'm guessing is the same with the hybrid.
    Ohhhhhhh but that string length....44.5" on mine, and I'd assume they still make them the same dimensions....
    I've spent way too much money trying to sort out strings that would on it, and too much time trying to learn to hack the string length without hurting myself in the process- it's just not as easy to get a proper left hand technique going as it is on a proper 3/4 bass. Now that I've gone through all that, I'll continue to play it. I really like what guts do on this bass, and it takes heads off at acoustic bluegrass jams :)
    I'd keep looking around and try to find a 3/4 bass that you like the sound of before you jump on the Strunal
  11. That's awesome...I am not an awesome as she is but I do like the sound of this Bass.

    I've tried a bunch now and I felt something when I tried it. People say to try a bunch until you find "the one" and I think I have. :)