what do you think of this amp setup?

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  1. Please reply and tell me what you think of my setup.... I'll try to get a pic up asap but here's what I got... I got a great deal on a Peavey Combo 115 for $250 used. It's 210 watts, but becomes 300 with the cab added (which is also a Peavey, $200 used) The speaker in the amp part (15") carries a lot of the lows, while the one in the cab (also a 15") cuts through more with more mids. Besides a whole lotta whoop-arse bass, the amp also has a post-amp crossover, so I have it set at about .8K. I run the high out to a 20 watt Epiphone guitar amp with an 8" speaker, which actually does really well with it. I can crank up the gain all the way on the guitar amp and get really grungy, distorted highs and mids but I still have the bottom end intact and kickin. It seems to me that distortion on bass is mostly noticable at higher frequencies anyways...but hey, I'm no sound expert here! What would this amp setup qualify as? a bi-amp? There ARE two amps, but I don't use them in a tradition bi-amp sertup, i guess. It works out to be a pretty good setup for under $500, and it's about 5'7 when all hooked up.
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    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
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    I don't like it.

    Just kiddin, that seems like a very interesting setup. hmm, i have a real nice guitar combo sittin around here somewhere... quit giving me ideas and stuff
  3. you are not the first one to do this kind of setup but i think it is a great idea, but i'm not sure how to call this except bi-amping