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  1. chaak


    Apr 25, 2013
    now here
    I have picked up a bass in 1998 to jam with my two best friends who played guitar and drums respectively, and i have been playing ever since, mostly with them. We became members in a performing rock band, then each went our separate ways until they contacted me in 2011 for a rock fusion instrumental trio project. That went really bad since they both were just in it for the fun having quit a band they were with, and me being seriously involved coming up with compositions and getting them to collaborate and add to my ideas and bass licks/riffs.
    Then a year ago we were approached by a singer that wanted us to re-arrange and record 40' French songs for her. Our rock fusion trio went on hiatus and we started working on composing and re-arranging these covers.

    Recently the guitarist was asked to be part of another band as a live performing artist, and he has been less involved with us and more into that other project. A week ago the drummer in that band quit and the guitarist asked our drummer to join him so now two of the trio are in that other band. They share our rehearsal space , we used to play on Tuesdays and they have Thursdays.

    Today, a tuesday i show up at our practice space only to find out that they have moved Thursdays band to today. The bass player from that band is there, so i awkwardly hang around until i could not take it any longer so i leave.

    Turns out Tuesdays are the only days the other bass player and band members can rehearse.

    Least they could have done is ask me if i am ok with them practicing with their other band today instead.

    Anyway i am very angry and i am considering quitting. I wanted to today but i have a lot of gear around and it did not have the space to take it all with me. I even lend the guitarist gear , since his breakdown all the time. He never seems to invest in gear at all and the ones he owns barely work. I lend him a mesa boogie guitar head and a couple of fulltone pedals.

    I'd want nothing than to quit but the problem is Tuesday nights with them is my only chance i ve got to jam, and i come with an open mind and different styles and genres to those jams and they just dismiss my musical approach and my playing as not cool since it is not hard rock they make fun of me playing major scales and their variations and uptempo grooves. Rock music is fine but i like and play jazz, RnB, Fusion, Latin, Funk as well.
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  2. Bummer.
    It sounds like that band is on life support with no hope of coming back. Just waiting for the plug to be pulled.
    No idea of what the music scene is there, any chance of finding others to jam with?
  3. Stumbo

    Stumbo Guest

    Feb 11, 2008
    Take ALL your equipment and go home. That's what I would do.
    Record at home until you find others to play/jam with.
    Wish them well.

    You were/are working way harder than they were/are.

    Life lesson.
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  4. mdogs

    mdogs Supporting Member

    Apr 13, 2010
    Constant state of flux
    Maybe I am confused, but it doesn't sound like there is anything left to quit. So yes, get your stuff and leave.
  5. chaak


    Apr 25, 2013
    now here
    Thank you guys for your advice.

    That's what i am planning on doing next time they ask me to come over to finish working on a song for the vocalist i'll gather up all my gear and leave.

    I have a friend of mine who owns a studio and I jammed with him once and that was a very good experience i contacted it him to see if he is available and he said yes let us do it. So i'll wait till he comes back from vacation and give it a try.
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