What does everyone think of yorkville's????

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  1. im planing on getting a yorkville bm200t at the end of this week, does anyone have any commoents on it?
  2. I suppose they are probably alright but I am a little surprised by the "buzz" surrounding some Yorkville and Traynor equipment. When I was young these things were affordable but looked upon as slightly inferior to the brand name items. Everyone I knew owned at least ONE piece of gear from either Traynor or Yorkville and that only reluctantly. I personally thought their gear to be rather "murky" sounding. I upgraded to what I thought was "better" brand name gear as soon as I was old enough to hold down a decent job. Looking back I'd have to say that their gear really wasn't that bad...kind of like a Canadian Peavey. The damn stuff never breaks. I saw Pete Traynor drop an amp of his off a building as a promo stunt. After he replaced the tubes, it worked fine. Go figure. They make affordable gear for foks wanting allot of features for not much money. If there is anything I've learned in my years it's that you get what you pay for...
  3. Oh yeah..Bass player mag gave rave reviews to their 2x10. Liked it a whole lot.
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    No sir, I don't like 'em. Why? Reasons.
  5. Well thats a little vague isn't it? You trying to generate some suspense on the ol' Talk bass forums page...? They are very prolific. Here in British Columbia, Canada we have seen just about every type and style of gear emulated and copied by Traynor and Yorkville. Cheap stuff but it gets ya started I guess.....
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    I had a Yorkville combo amp for a while (well, I was renting one for a while anyway). It did what I needed it to do, but in the end, I bought something else.
  7. Hategear

    Hategear Workin' hard at hardly workin'.

    Apr 6, 2001
    Appleton, Swissconsin
    I had a Yorkville combo amp for a while (well, I was renting one for a while anyway). It did what I needed it to do, but in the end, I bought something else. I can't say I had any major complaints about it though.
  8. Say that again....? Teasing you, sorry.
    I think that one sentance probably says it...."in the end, I bought something else." Adiquete but only average.
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    IMHO they are to pricey for what you get.

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    I have a decent amount of experience with their Y100B 1x15" (I think?) combo. I hate it. Good thing they don't make them anymore.
  11. I'm playing through a BM200T and I have to say I'm pretty happy with it. It's no Eden, but no Eden was ever as affordable as my Yorkville.

    Excellent warrantly, good sound, fantastic value, amazing reliability. You can't ask for too much more from am amp I think.

  12. they aren't that bad I wouldn't mind one for jammin' or practicing at home. But I would upgrade as things get more serious. Hey it is better than no amp , and I like em' more than Peaveys imo.
  13. Reliable, dependable...boring...nothing inherently wrong with them at all. I still have my 15 year old Yorkville 40w bass amp and wish it would break so I could justify getting another....I don't think it ever will. Better than no amp. For sure.
  14. Im going to go for it, i also tried out a fender bassman 60 and 100, they were both more expensive and didn't even have the same quality of sound. The first thing i saw with the yorkvilles is they look cheap, with there blue carpet covering, but with a 10 year warenty i don't think i can go wrong.
  15. How much will you be paying? What sort of an amp is it..combo..head? You can find used GK 400RB for $275 or so....a better re-sale item.
  16. Im trading in a bunch of old gear for it, ill have to pay a $200 (canadian) difference. The price is 600 Candian but they took off the tax so its a good deal. The amp is a Combo, with 2 10's and horn.
  17. I have a y50b as my practise amp.... very decent sound and recently I adjusted it and I now have the best bass sound i have ever had and that includes the one I get through a GK 400rb with 2 10 inch hartkes.... so in my opinion they make really good practice amps and cheap power.... but definitely not exotic enough for a pro
  18. Well..I guess thats ok. If you are looking for a combo then you've got one affordable but know that down the line if you start gigging lots that Pork-ville ain't gonna do ya. For $600 I'd buy a great used head (Eden? GK?) and play through some cheap-ass cab until I had it together to spring for a quality one. Might work out cheaper in the long run? At least you've have a solid, decent source sound to work with. Lousy amp +good cab would reveal your sonic shortcomings allot faster than vice/versa.
    Just my seriously subjective personal opinion. I spent way too much $$ on buying and selling lame gear. If I had bought the good stuff to start I probably would have saved a whack o' cash....but where's the fun in that?
    Enjoy your gear, I am sure it'll be fine.
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    I have that same combo that you are buying and I LOVE it!!!! It has a great sound, I think there newer stuff is better quality. I only paid like $450 american for mine, because my dad is the amp repairman for the local music store. I also heard that they have really good customer service. You definently made the right choice.
  20. Well there you go...