WHat does that even mean anyway????

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    ALthough I'm sure we all have a vague understanding or our own definitions, I wonder what other people mean when they say the following, and what the actual definition is if there is one....Feel free to comment/add at will....

    >'Growl' (aka:"Classic Jazz Growl"/"Jazz Growl")

    >'Balls' (I know none of my equiptment has testicles, so what are you talking about?)

    >'Aggressive' (I know the definition of aggressive, but I'm not sure that it means the same thing for everyone in the bass world...)

    I may look like an idiot, but I do have my own opinions and thoughts about these terms...I just want to know what they are intended to mean, and how others interpret them.

  2. growl - Jazz bass... both pu's up full as well as tone. smooth, cuts though the mx, generaly plenty of mids.

    Balls - low end rumble. Turn the bass knob on your eq all the way down. that is a bass w/ no balls.

    Aggressive - i dont know how to discribe it, but i know what it sounds like... hard to explain...

    and to throw in a few to confuse you more...

    Punch - Low mids... hits you in the chest at loud volumes... the "gut" of your sound

    Warm - dont know how to discribe it other than an all tube amp...

    Thats all i can think of for now, i knew a few more guitar ones, but those would probably confuse you more (crunchy, glassy, smooth, twang, bite, snap, ect.)Most of the terms, i dont know how to discribe in words, but know it when i hear it.
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    Muttluk hit it on the hear. but I'll add:

    Growl-I've played some basses that actually growled. You know like a lion or a tiger. OH, WHAT A SOUND!!!!

    Aggresiveness-IMO, that's more of the player than the bass. I'm a very aggressive player which add more growl to my bass sound.