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What does the Alembic Super filter really do?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by belair57, Jun 20, 2001.

  1. Well the question is already there but really what does it do? I've heard so much about the tone shaping capabilities but is just like a preamp or does it do something special with that filter. Please describe the sounds if possible?
  2. come on someone must know
  3. Looks like this one has been sitting for a while, so I guess I'll take a crack at it. I owned one for a few years, and I'll tell you from experience that it will be very difficult to go through all the sounds you can get out of the SF-2 - so I won't attempt it here. What I will say is that it can adjust your tone to almost any value you desire. You can adjust the depth of your lows, the definition of your lows, the presence of your lows.... and you can go across the full eq spectrum with it's defining capabilities (Low, Low-mid, Mid, Hi-mid, Hi). You can also shape your tone through a phase shifter, which gives you just about any bass sound you want. And that is a start....

    I wound up selling mine because I like to keep my "gig-rig" as simple as I can - the SF-2 really complicated matters at times when it would sound like a Music Man (for example) at one venue, and sound like something totally different in another place - with the settings identical. Also, with an EQ in my bass preamp, and one on my rig preamp... if I can't get the sound I want between those two, adding another level of filtering (IMHO) is not going to help things in the long run.

    I have recently thought about purchasing another one and using it as an equalizer - but that would probably be a waste. Hope that helps.
  4. thanks, I'm so glad someone finally responded to that post. It sounds as though the SF-2 would be worth getting. I love fiddling with electronics to get different sounds but it sounds like the Superfilter could get thte job done in one unit rather than buy a whole lot of pedals and cheap effects units.

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