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What effect makes this tone possible???

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ninthwondernj, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. http://rapidshare.de/files/3238102/202-incubus_-_stellar.mp3.html

    The 1st 20 or so seconds of this live song, Incubus Bassist Ben Kenney is playing a solo and I know he uses a jazz bass and however he is making his bass tone sound the way it does in the 1st 20 or so seconds is great. BUT DO ANY OF YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT EFFECT MAKES THIS TONE POSSIBLE?
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    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    I hear no effect other than a good bass.
    There are hints of compression that may very well come from a tube amp and maybe a very light chorus.
  3. Craggsy


    May 24, 2005
    +1 for just bass

    Also from watching the DVD which this songs off, I can see its a Lakland style J bass hes using. Although im not familiar with the Lakland range to tell you which one.

    Have a read of this article, and at the bottom of the page there is a listing of Ben Kenneys gear used when recording 'A crow left to the murder album'
  4. Are you sure it sounds like a chorus?? Mabye an octave pedal??
  5. I'm pretty sure there's no octave pedal.
  6. Piedro


    Jan 23, 2001
    Montréal, Qc, Canada
    Endorsing Aguilar Amp product.
    i'm for 1) Good Bass
    and 2) Good Player...
    i think the live sound seems to give a little chorus or delay...
    by the way...
    I love the Police reprise. When it's coming back to the chorus of stellar... it's awesome!!
  7. Ben definitely uses chorus on the Alive At Red Rocks DVD. Check out his solo before the intro of Drive, along with the lush chorus he uses through Drive itself. He is also uses a pick through Drive to get that attack in the tone, and his chorus is very analog sounding - would be good if Craggsy could post that article about Bens rig!

    ninthwondernj - I don't really hear the same chorus sound in the bit before Stellar, it just sounds like some upper neck doodling on the Lakland. In the breakdown after the first chorus however, it sounds like Ben has a compressor slightly squashing some notes, so that may have also been present in the intro part he plays.

    Great DVD - much respect for Ben from watching it (I didnt really dig his style after being such a fan of Dirk's playing), but also huge respect for Mike and Jose - those guys are the coolest!
  8. Craggsy


    May 24, 2005