What effect to make bass sound more like guitar without need of guitar amp?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Gaoron, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Gaoron


    Dec 6, 2017
    Hey everybody.
    Is there a way to make my bass sound more like baritone guitar or 8th/9th electric guitar without buying another amp or buying multiple effects? I'm interested in heavy low distortion sound as I want to start project influenced by Deftones. I need something thats gonna sound clean but still remain a bit of that bass punch. All i have is a cheap behringer bod400 overdrive. I don't thing octaver is a way as I want to keep those low tunings so what should I get? Is there ever a way to get my bass to sound like that?
  2. Welcome to TB, Gaoron.

    Can of worms...

    There is a way to make a bass sound vaguely like a guitar, but it rarely matches the seeker's expectations. Search TB for:

    Fishman Fission, Sub N Up, Akai Unibass (which the Panda Future Impact can do), iStomp with algo that has fifth up, Pitchfork, T-Rex Quint, Boss Harmonist, Whammy, Ricochet...

    1. It's going to sound "digital";
    2. It won't be "clean", see "1)" above;
    3. Limited success can be had masking the digital nature of such effects by using some level of distortion.

    You seem to have conflicting goals, making your bass sound more like (baritone) guitar, but you still want "heavy low distortion" and needing "something that's gonna sound clean" but still retain "bass punch".

    Please post a Deftones clip that has the sound you're after.

    Perhaps all you need is a good distortion pedal that you can push the input of with your Behringer OD ... somebody that's more familiar with Deftones' bass tone will hopefully have a better answer than mine.
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  3. So you want the bass to sound like a 8 string guitar but keep it like a bass.

    I've go for a similar distorted tone and what you want is to get a dirst pedal that has clean low end but distorted mids and highs, completely nails what you're after :)
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  4. Freez


    Nov 8, 2008
    What about running your dry signal into a splitter, then putting an octaver and an overdrive on one side and run the other side clean, then blend the two until desired flavor is reached?
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