what effects do u use when slapping?

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  1. Im starting to do alot more funk slap, but it only sounds good when it isnt run through the amp.

    When its through the amp you can hear too much extra unwanted noise if its clean, and if increase the gain the slap sound gets too muffeled. What should i do? my amp has a graphics equaliser, bass, trebal, volume, gain and there are buttons from bright and compressor gain.

    please make me sound good. :(
  2. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
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    Compressor & Envelope are only two I use when I slap. 80% of the time, I don't use any FX.
  3. heres my suggestions for some good slappy happy fun:
    1. first what is the specs of your amp?
    2. you are playing an ibanez which i can never recommend but that shouldnt be too big of a deal
    3. make sure you have semi-new strings
    4. check the eq and tone knobs on your bass
    5. a good slap eq usually is to boost the highs and lows and cut the mids. this is called the smile setting. I tend to like a little low mid but the
    :) seems to be the most popular.
    6. A light compressor can really help your sound when you slap but dont overdo it.
    7. I tend to find CLEAN slap the best but
    a. light overdrive can sound great but keep it very light... think flea or les claypool
    b. envelope filters sound pretty good when set correctly but sometimes the highs wont be as tight
    c. chorus can actually sound good in moderation but as with any slapping effects: keep it light.
    d. short delays arent to shabby either but not for constant use... just quick bursts.
  4. Okay - get rid of the GSR 200.

    Seriously, effects aren't any way to hide a fundamental problem. Often, they just magnify it or make it sound like same problem only a little weirder.

    Slap EQ is traditionally the "smile" - boosted lows and highs, dropped mids.
  5. firstly, Im not getting rid of my GSR-200. I love it. Its for me one of the best basses ive ever picked up. Perhaoos not for ound but definatly for playability. If I get another bass some time in the future it will definatly be an other ibanez, a yamaha or an earnie ball. And I aint going to get any if those soon cause I dont have the money.

    But thanx for the other advice. Much apprecated.
  6. i use a rare boss touch wah that works quite well with slap...but like above effects wont make the slap sound better. Go with the :) and you are on the way to a good slap sound...tweak it until you get :D and you'll be hotter than a goanna on a rock!

    cheers m8t

  7. if you dont want to get rid of the ibanez then i cant help you sound good :D

    sorry i just have seen nothing but bad come out of their bass and guitar line (though a few decent ones squeeze their way out, they are usually not worth the $$ for that quality). Their older pedals (ORGINAL tube screamer) were pretty good but just about all they push out now is nu-metal crap... sorry tangent going on here. different strokes i guess when you said about playability :rolleyes:

    most basses are able to be played and able to have a playable tone... EVER IBANEZ.
    all you need to do is just work on your dynamics... dont hit too hard is number 1. hitting to soft isnt always good either. stay away from your pickups, especially lower end basses, and just practice practice practice.... dont buy any effects until you do "sound good". As stated by another fellow talkbasser "you can't polish a turd"
  8. When I slap I use...

    1. Compression of coarse. One way increase ratio to around 3:1-5:1, treshold really sensitive, set release really fast, and crank the attack up. To even my signal and remove those sick, snaring sounds when I pop and to put a little bit of an extra twang, and to eliminate weird valleys and increase sensitivity when I use thumb movements or tap... I also use another setting to sorta fatten the tone up a little and make it less percussive: Set ratio around 7:1-10:1, treshold really sensitive, very slow attack and release. It really smooths things out.

    2. Envelope Filter for a cool synthy sounds and watery funk noises... There are so many things you can do with a envelope filter it's really cool, every thing from a funky waka waka sound to a dub booster to a synth twah... Very cool.

    3. Parametric eq 5 band to adjust to my exact sound specs I like it allot more then a graphic eq... Great for boosting the fatter sounding and less honky mids or punchier bass/low mids (around 150Hz) to thickin up the mix... You could also use it to make a traditional smilie face slap eq...

    4. Octave mixing, on my Bass Micro Synth... Mainly for a percusive drum sound or a higher pitched tone.

    5. Anolog Synth: for cool synth sounds not just for steddy sounds, an LFO can be a very cool tool when you slap...

    6. Tube Overdrive or Distortion, for mild boost or a heavy crunch... You can do allot more with it.
  9. if you want to keep the gsr200, upgrade the pups in em, that would tremendously help.
  10. BassPlayerGush


    Sep 23, 2001
    i sort of agree with getting rid of the gsr 200. lol, but sorry. thats not the best slap bass in the world, but i understand not everyone can just buy a new bass.
    if you're going to play a live gig and play slaps, i would reccomend an electro-harmonix bass balls pedal (an american re-issue is possible). the bass balls pedal is an envelope filter, as somesone said earlier. for a live gig, you want as loud, dirty and booming sound as much as possible.
    if you're going to do some taping, then maybe i would reccomend the bass balls pedal and possibly a compressor.i personally try to stay away from the compressor, but hey if you like, then use it! you can probably get a cheap electro-harmonix bass balls russia issue fairly cheap on ebay.
    good luck
  11. Munjibunga

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    I use a sort-of high-pitched squealing and howling sound, kind of like those karate guys on TV. It doesn't do much good, usually. Most of the people I'm going to slap start laughing, making it much more difficult for me to slap them.
  12. Bruce Lindfield

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    I think you just want to go for a really nice Thwack sound, just as your hand strikes their face - simplicity is alway the best way! ;)
  13. Brad Johnson

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    Nothing. No effects, no smiley face, nada.

    Learn to control the bass. You can slap on an Ibanez.
  14. lo-end


    Jun 15, 2001
    I slap on a P bass. It can be done!! :D
  15. maxvalentino

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    I will agree with most said here....it is possible to slap on an Ibanez, or any bass for that matter. Effects are not the secret to getting a good slap tone. It is your technique. At best, fx can enhance a good slap. For most, fx cover up some spotty right hand technique.
    I slap on a variety of basses....even ABGs (learned that lil trick from Jonas Hellborg, who is a hellacious "thumbmeister" on an ABG)....even on my Jack Casady Sig, which they tell me is impossible.
    Firstly...develop a light touch with your right hand. It is nopt about whacking the s**t out of the strings. The quick attack of the thumb is accentuated if you get that ol' thumb out of the way quickly, allowing the string to vibrate. Same with the pops; it is a very light, supple and quick touch.
    A compressor can help even things out for someone with a kinda heavy thumb...but be wary of over doing it. Smashing that signal will not benefit the natural dynamics of the technique.
    If you are gonna use a compressor, find a good one which will be either transparent or color the sound in a way you seek...most onboard comps on amps are not very good, and are best when left off.
    the EQ thing....yes, the smiley-face is the usual fare, but I have found interesting tones without it. But then again, I really strive for my own voice, after realizing that no matter how hard I try, I can only sound like me.
    Experiment...play with the eq...practice the basic technique. Alter it: I often slap with with such a light thumb attack it looks as if I am just plucking
    the strings with my thumb. MOve beyond the index finger pop to two and three finger pops. Combine slaps with harmonics, double stop strums, taps.. etc. concentrate on managing your dynamics...learn control...
    and once you feel comfortable with your sound investigate some subtle enhancement with fx.
  16. seamus


    Feb 8, 2001
    scooped mids + compression, boost the highs enough to give the pulls that needed snap
  17. danqi


    May 21, 2001
    It is very important that you get used to muting all the strings besides the one that you slap. It will slow you down at first and make slapping a little akward. But in the end it will pay off.
    At least I hope so. I am not there yet, either, since I am kind of new to slapping but it becomes more and more natural.

    I am surprised that none of the pros mentioned muting yet.

    When you practice without the amp you won't hear much difference but with the amp on your sound will become much cleaner with good muting because the other (especially the low) strings will always add noise if they are not being muted.
  18. see below
  19. Jeff Moote

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    Oct 11, 2001
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    ok Geddy, that was hilarious but seriously...

    I have a GSR 200 mostly because it's my first bass and the cost... anyway, I can slap it pretty good, I can even slap my friend's Squier Affinity P-Bass and make it sound ok. It's really all in the technique, and the EQ just helps a little.
  20. yes. you CAN slap on anything. You can also slap a violin but it doesnt mean it will sound good ;) .
    Honestly, its all technique.