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What Ever Happened to Rick Gretch?

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Little Marc, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. Any one know...
    After Blind Faith, what became of Rick Gretch?

    It seems odd coming out of such a successful all-star band, that he would slip into obscurity. There has to be more to the story.
    I'm just curious.


    Little Marc
  2. Ric Grech is one of my favorite bassists. But he sure got around.

    Prior to Blind Faith, he was the bassist/violinist in Family, one of the best bands you've never heard. Another famous bassist in Family was John Wetton.

    Anyway, Ric then landed with Blind Faith, fairly late in the project. In fact, I just read two days ago that producer Jimmy Miller said that Jack Bruce played bass on most of the Blind Faith tracks. According to the Blind Faith deluxe set liner notes, Grech did not come on board until after "Presence Of The Lord," "Well All Right," and some others had been recorded, so this may be true. Grech obviously played violin on "Sea Of Joy," though.

    When Blind Faith imploded, Grech initially joined Winwood and Baker in Ginger Baker's Air Force, which also included Traffic's Chris Wood, e-Moody Blue and future Wing Denny Laine, Graham Bond, and about 100 others.

    After one album with them, Grech joined the reformed Traffic. Grech co-wrote their hit "Rock and Roll Stew." He also played bass at Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert.

    After leaving Traffic, Grech joined yet another supergroup in 1975: KGB. Besides himself, this group featured another supergroup veteran, Carmine Appice, with Mike Bloomfield on guitar, and some other session vets. They sucked. Bloomfield and Grech left after one album.

    Grech also played with Gram Parsons on G.P..

    Grech died of liver cancer (or was it just liver disease) in 1990 or so.

    His best work as a bassist was with Family, where he was pretty inventive.
  3. Steve,
    Thank you for the killer history lesson!
    As Paul Harvey would say... Now I know the rest of the story.
    I will be searching record bins for Family.

    Thanks Again!

    Little Marc
  4. The two Family albums Grech was on were Music From A Doll's House and Entertainment. The latter is a little more accessible, and contains three Grech-penned songs, including the U.K. semi-hit "Second Generation Woman."

    The two Family albums with Wetton (both recommended) are Fearless and Bandstand. Fearless includes a song called "Spanish Tide," where Wetton sings the middle eight. Among the lines: "the brightest ring around the moon will darken as you cry." Sound familiar? Wetton stole it (since he didn't write "Tide") with only a slight alteration ("...when I die") for Asia's "Only Time Will Tell."

    Useless trivia, I know. But I'm rolling. ;)
  5. Yeah, Family ... haven't heard that name in a while. Those are actually the two that I have on vinyl somewhere. Remember "Larf and Sing"?

    Good band, should have been better known IMO.

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