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What gear do you use when you play in your church?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Kenbuntu, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. Kenbuntu


    Jun 6, 2005
    Play in a church. If you do wat gear do you use?
  2. I play a Stambaugh 6 or U.S. Fender Jazz 5(passive)through an SVT-3pro & Pro-410hlf, usually very loudly. I just got back from a mission trip in Mexico, where I used an Ampeg Portabass 2x10 combo(w/the J-5).
    Oh, yeah- sometimes at the evening services I'll bring my 3/4 German upright, played through a Hartke Kickback 12.
  3. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    I don't play regularly in church, though I have a couple times in the past. I used whatever amp was there.
  4. xring


    Sep 16, 2003
    At my church I use an Avatar B212 pushed by an Ampeg B4R. I usually use my Rebop-5, but today I grabbed my Spectorecore-5 because it was closest to the door! Haven't used my Warwick Corvette fretless 5 yet. I've even used my Ibanez SRX400 if most of the tunes for the Service are not in E flat. I usually don't have enough time to tweek the EQ for that bass anyway.
  5. I used to play in church. I played my Carvin AC40 through a 100W Peavey combo amp and also ran the signal from the bass straight through a crappy DI and the bass sounded AWEFUL through the fronts, so I cranked the 100W Peavey as best as I could.

    Last church gig I did was in a small Aboriginal church in WA and I played my 4 string wishbass through my 15W Peavey Microbass (only amp I had at the time) and I accompanied 2 acoustic guitars and a drum kit. It sounded pretty good (better than my Carvin, given the situation)
  6. T-Funk


    Jul 2, 2005
    A few years ago I played in church on a regular basis. I used a Carvin R600 amp, Carvin RL410T cabinet and Carvin RL115 cabinet.
  7. ilikepie


    Jul 23, 2003
    I play a BC Rich Beast Bass (NJ series). I nearly always use my big muff Pi, which I run into an Ampeg SVT-5Pro. My cab is an SVT classic 8x10. :bassist:
  8. mikezimmerman

    mikezimmerman Supporting Member

    Apr 29, 2001
    Omaha, Nebraska
    I play in chusrch a couple of itmes a month. Normally I play my Nordstrand, but sometimes I play my Curbow fretless or my Lakland Skyline DJ5. The regular rig is the church's Ampeg combo.

  9. AGCurry


    Jun 29, 2005
    Kansas City
    I play in synagogue, for some "alternative" services. Always upright bass.
  10. I play every sunday. I use my GJBassworks Custom Fretless 4. It's a custom bass that I built. I run that through my Roland digital mixing board, which leads into the church PA system. The Roland allows me to tune silently, add effects, customize my sound with the GEQ, and also record myself onto disc. It's working great!

    My group consists of a Piano, 1-2 Acoustic Guitars, Viola, Flute, and Bass. It's a great group because we are all very improvisational and creative, so we have a ton of fun! We never rehearse. We just jam! Today in church, it was just Piano, Flute, and Bass. The Flute and I pulled some wicked duets and I got a lot of solo time. It was great! One of the highlights of my week, for sure.


    Once my new fretted bass arives, we may see about adding some slap into the mix!
  11. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    I play my totally blonde SR5 and my little Yorkville XM100 Amp. I am looking to upgrade to a 200 watt amp with either a single 15" and tweeter or twin 10"s and a tweeter.
  12. pklima

    pklima Commercial User

    May 2, 2003
    Kraków, Polska
    Karoryfer Samples
    Every Sunday. I play DB, mostly arco, no amplification. Well, I probably leak into the vocal mics more than enough.
  13. DanGouge


    May 25, 2000
    Usually my Fender '62 Jazz Reissue through my Ashdown ABM500 combo. Depending on my mood and the set list, I run it through my effects rig which is normally Double Muff->Crybaby 105->Boss Bass Chorus->Line6 DL4.
  14. T. Alan Smith

    T. Alan Smith Guest

    Sep 9, 2001
    I used to play twice a Sunday for worship. Here's my rig AT the church bldng-
  15. I've tried SWR & couldn't ever get the sound I was looking for, but that picture almost has me convinced it was all in my mind...
  16. mike sancho

    mike sancho SANCH

    Feb 10, 2004
    Milwaukee, WI
    Church is my regular gig. I play a Sadowsky Metro MS5 and or a Smith BSR5MW. Usually through the house but if I use an amp it's an older Hartke Transporter with either an older SWR Workingman's 300 or an Ampeg B2R through the same cab.
  17. lowphatbass

    lowphatbass **** Supporting Member

    Feb 25, 2005
    west coast
    I have to keep up with a C3 driving two Leslies and a drummer who slams so hard you can't see the carpet in his corner, just saw dust and splinters. I play my Dingwall through a big Bag End 4x10 eating 1600 watts, I also send a direct feed to the "HOUSE" and make use of the Bag End 18's. Our church has a saying, "one visit may change your life". Music can be very powerfull, I take it very seriously but I don't hold back!!
  18. Teh_GoAT


    Apr 25, 2004
    I also regularly play at church.

    Normally I play through a Yorkville head/cab, 4x10. Today, this morning, however, I brought my amp (SWR Workingman 300 into 2x10) and hooked that up with the 4x10 Yorkville, rockin' a nice 340 watts into a 6x10 for some hymns.

    Oh yeah.
  19. resol

    resol Guest

    Feb 21, 2005
    musicman SUB -> sansamp BDDI -> nemesis nc-210 250w
    i play every week, everything from old skool hymns to the latest praise and worhip songs like Hillsong and stuff
    i'm also playing at an upcoming convention called JAMA - they actually have it in the US as well :) - really excited about that...
  20. Kenbuntu


    Jun 6, 2005
    Do you guys think that a Yamaha RBX374 will do the job for me?

    and what about peavey basses, DO they sound good??

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