What happened to Kurt Cobain?

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    I've just heard stuff - but then other people said that nobody knows, and that it's more akin to the tails of a Bigfoot.
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    I think he blew his head off or something.
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    I hope this is the last post. No good will come of it.
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  6. kinda like the TV shows "What Really Happened to the Titanic". Uh, well, she hit an iceberg....
  7. 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll?
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    Jul 3, 2014
    He unfortunately died too soon.

    'nuf said...
  9. It's been pretty well documented, both the legally accepted version written on his death certificate and the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist "Courtney did it" versions.

    Here's an artistic interpretation of his final hours:
    Last Days (2005 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The long and short of it is he's no longer here, but his music is.
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    I wish there had been a way for his band/music to die without his having to die as well.

    And Courteney totally did it
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    I hate to say it, but +1. I never liked Nirvana as much as everyone said I should. IMO, they weren't even the best band out of their scene. The one two punch of an amazingly catchy debut song and an early death will mean that they'll never die.
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    my bass tone can beat up your dad's bass tone.
    be borrowed my shotgun and never returned it.

    wonder how he is doing.
  13. I read he was fighting depression for a longtime and it just caught up with him. Imagine a person fighting depression coming up with a musical style that took down many of the bands he idolize as a kid. That had to be a heavy weight to bare for a person fighthing that illness in my opinion.
  14. Read his lyrics. "I think I'm dumb" etc. He was massively depressed. A very sad end to a very sad guy.
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    I don't think he got the whole head.

    Kurt was beyond massively depressed, that guy was a tormented soul. He had just escaped from a mental hospital after trying to kill himself prior to him following through. It's been quite a few years since I have seen any of those silly docs about Courtney murdering him. I don't think Kurt was murdered for a second.

    Somebody published Kurt's personal journals posthumously, something I am sure the guy absolutely loathed. My old roommate was a die hard Cobain fan and he enlightened us to some of the key passages. Let's just say the guy was beyond messed up mentally. He also dealt with some serious fibromyalgia which I am sure did not contribute to a positive mental state.

    I am also in the camp that thinks Nirvana is one of the most over-rated bands. Kurt is certainly one of the most over-rated guitar players. He was a decent song writer (had to be to get those hits) but his guitar playing was awful. It's just silly to see him on "top 10 guitarists" lists.
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    Courtney Love happened to him.
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    You two have very valid opinions but your both the wrong generation. Matter of fact I've never seen a better bookend in my life.
    Besides its a good thing we don't all like the same thing.
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    Rumour has it he's working at the A&P in Las Cruces, NM with Janis and Elvis and Jim Morrison.
  19. Ah, the mythical tails of Bigfoot; a most unusual creature......