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what happened to the Jean Baudin Conklin?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jake_tim, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. jake_tim


    Jun 28, 2005
    North Carolina
    so i was sitting here wondering, I remember a while back, Conklin came out with a Jean Baudin Signature bass ( even though it was a MERE 9 strings:rolleyes: ). and i havent heard or seen anything about this bass, since. I figure it was just the low demand for the instrument, but also what was the price like on that?

    Come on Jean give us some answers. :bag:

  2. jake_tim


    Jun 28, 2005
    North Carolina
  3. TheEmptyCell

    TheEmptyCell Bearded Dingwall Enthusiast Supporting Member

    Jul 16, 2005
    Los Angeles, CA
    It's not a production model. They just threw 'signature' on there cuz nobody else has one like it... or they Pac bass... or the Claw... or the. Gah. Any of them.

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