What happens if you tighten your truss all the way?

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  1. Hey Ive never done this but Ive heard of others that have just bought a bass to realise that there truss is as tight as it can go, but there is still too much relief in the neck.
    What do you do then??
    Is the neck fubar?? New neck?? Im scared to to purchase a new used bass if this is a common problem.
  2. If it's a bolt-on, some people put shims in the pocket where the neck fits into body to get lower action.

    Some don't know that if they pressed downwards on the front of the neck/headstock, they can often get another turn or two with the truss rod. Unfortunately, these are often the people who don't know they should loosen their strings before adjusting the rod.
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    you also have the option of removing the truss nut and placing a couple of washers underneath it. This will usually give you at least another full turn or so.

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    Im having that problem with my Warwick.
    Im sending the neck to Danna B Goods next week for replacement.

    Unless its a removable truss rod, and you have tried everything else, then yes, the neck should be replaced.

    About the shims... That only works if the neck is straight, if not, it will be a nightmare.
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