What happens to umpires who make blown calls?

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    Did anyone watch the Yankees vs Orioles tonight? Stupid Jerry Meals :mad: Teixiera tied the game, safe by a mile...but Meals made a bad call at 1st base, cost the Yankees the tying run and (potentially) the game.

    So, say an MLB umpire piles up a bunch of bad calls (calling a player out when he's safe, etc.) Is any action taken? Does he just get away with it? I mean it seems most of the time they just get away with it, because very rarely do they use the replay feature.
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    They go to umpire jail.

    I assume they probably get logged and coached on how to make a better call next time. MLB probably has some sort of threshold on errors allowed.
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    Umpires take pride in making the correct call. That being said, they are human and they do make mistakes. I'm sure there is a group of people that work for MLB that evaluate and audit umpires to keep them in check.
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  6. I once heard an interview with an umpire and he said that if he only makes one bad call a game, it was a good game.