What humbucker for a fretless?

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  1. How much would it cost to get a good humbucking pickup for my fretless?
    and what should i be looking for in a humbucking pickup?

    it's to go in place of a rubbish split coil pickup that's about 4 1/2" from the bridge - about where a P-bass pickup is. i'm aiming for a really full, fat sound that has very little treble, kinda like the neck pickup on my Epi EB-3.

    can you help?
  2. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Hooo-whee! Another chance to plug the DiMarzio Split-P :p

    Seriously, I've got one in an el-cheapo Yamaha fretless and
    am lovin' it. You mentioned the location of the pup and that got
    me to thinkin'...the Split P has 'blade' style polepieces whereas
    other pups (which are just as good for fretless') have the rod
    polepieces. These might present a problem RE string spacing.
    The Bartolini "8S" series DO have blades, but I've never tried one.
    They're one blade per section so I musta' figgered the output couldn't
    be as high as the Split P (humbucking, dual blades per section).
    It's what I was lookin' for, i.e.; a passive P-type with high output.

    You CAN get a solid, muddy, thump and a whole lotta' other
    tones to boot outta' the Split-P .

    DiMarzio page -- http://www.dimarzio.com/split_p.html

    Here's a UK shop that carries DiMarzio pups -- http://www.rana.demon.co.uk/velvet/pickups.htm .

    They don't list the Split P (email `em - they might have one :) ).
    Based on what they're asking for a DiMarzio Model P ( £54 ), I'd
    guess the Split P would be around £63.
  3. that sounds pretty good, excpet that my budget is about £50.... maybe i should've mentioned that.

    i guess that what i'm looking for is just not a funk pickup, one that has very little highs, but lots of middle.
  4. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Well then...the Model P ( £54 )? It's known for strong mids.

    Just a thought :)