What I learned from my P build

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  1. mistergoats


    Jun 24, 2014
    Vancouver BC
    Back in September, I got a hankerin' to build a P-bass loosely modeled after Matt Sharp's "Telejazz". It's the first time I've ever tried to build a bass (likely a more accurate description is "assembled") and I learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way about building a bass.

    Here's the link to the process:

    1. depending on your goals, this is not really a cost saving method. Sure, you could do it on a budget, but it would take longer. I could have just as easily went out and bought an American Standard P for about the same price, but this one is mine, built to my specs.
    2. patience is key. I rushed a couple of things in the building process and it went badly. I broke the heads off the string retainer screws, effectively burying them in the headstock. I filed down the sharp bits and moved the string retainer back a bit. I'm hoping the "extra mass" in the headstock makes the tone way cooler! (lol) I also didn't pre-drill the tuning peg screw holes, resulting in about 8 half-in screws that are now stripped, so I have to make some extractions.
    3. I'm pleased with my choices of parts. Make sure you're happy with what you want to put on your builds. If you skimp, you'll regret it later.
    4. building a bass from parts is actually a pretty rewarding, fun thing to do. I might do it again, I might not. I enjoyed the process and the control over what parts I could put on the bass. The sky really is the limit. I tried to keep mine as simple and elegant as I could, with "working man's" parts on it. Nothing overly fancy or flashy.
    That's pretty much it. If you're thinking about building one, do it. If I can do it, you probably can!

  2. 2saddleslab

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    May 30, 2003
    Nice build! And good lessons every builder comes to realize, sometime the hard way.

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