What Instrument Did You Primarily Play Before the Bass?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by lat, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Nothing. Bass is my very first instrument.

  2. Drums / Percussion

  3. Guitar

  4. Wind Instrument

  5. Other stringed instrument

  6. Another instrument altogether (including carrots).

  7. Piano / Keys

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  1. Seashore


    Jun 2, 2019
    Guitar. I started playing seriously when my folks got me an electric and a practice amp for my 13th birthday. I started playing bass in my late teens as a necessity for recording my own stuff, slowly came to enjoy it more and more, wound up playing bass in bands, etc. I'd still have to consider guitar my "main instrument" -- I'm more fluent and comfortable writing on it -- but I rarely pick one up these days, and find the challenges and opportunities of bass guitar a lot more engaging.
  2. Winslow


    Sep 25, 2011
    Group "W" Bench
    Actually, I forgot about my six months of "mandatory" piano lessons as a kid, but... given that I took said lessons under duress, and ultimately quit in defiance of parental wishes, I do not consider that to have been an instrument I "played" of my own free will. :spit:

    Vive la revolution! :D
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  3. mambo4


    Jun 9, 2006
    before bass I mostly played Dungeons and Dragons
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  4. juggahnaught


    Feb 11, 2018
    Seattle, WA
    Came from a musical family - always had piano in the house, but I rebelled against it pretty early on. (Regret it now, though.) Sang in choir and such when I was smaller. Music was always all around me.

    I picked up guitar in college because we always had a classical guitar sitting around, and I decided to learn it. (Don't know why, it just kind of happened.) I never got to be really really good, but I could play some stuff. I was always the melodic, classical fingerpicking kind of guy (huge fan of Kaki King, stuff like that) and so I never really got good at playing electric guitar styles. Despite this, my friend and I rocked out with Megadeth tunes and such for a long time.

    Because of this friend, I ended up hearing Iron Maiden for the first time - and when I heard Sanctuary, that clinched it. I wanted to play bass. So I bought a bass, and I did. And I still do.
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  5. I played classical piano for about 15 years before seriously picking up a bass. I played the 2 together often in a setting but eventually kept playing bass because it was more portable and I injured my left arm which made proper piano technique painful. I miss the sound of a good piano and often with I had access to one.
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  6. beatlebass64


    Dec 23, 2011
    New England
    I took guitar lessons my freshman year in high school. The teacher was a great player but a horrible teacher. It was all listen and repeat at full speed. If I didn't get it he wouldn't break it down for me, he would just say "No, like this."

    I bought a cheap bass and it was a lot easier to just play the root notes. Eventually I switched to a bass teacher and he was also a music teacher so he broke everything down for me and taught me theory side by side. Once I discovered Motown is was all over!
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  7. Rogatien


    Mar 18, 2019
    Guitar. For quite some time. Then couldn't find any bassist for my multiple projects, so I took the job. Now I prefer bass: no more volume wars and truly enjoy the low end. I think I'm a better bass player.
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  8. mrjim123

    mrjim123 Supporting Member

    May 17, 2008
    Harmonica. I was in grade school in the 50's, and the old man who lived next to me played it; I thought "I can do that." I didn't start out playing blues, however; my first songs were "Old Susanah", "Moon River", etc. Tried guitar for a while (yes, I'm a failed guitarist ;)) before settling on bass when I was about 21.
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  9. CBass079


    Mar 18, 2019
    South Atlantic
    I had 10+ years of piano under my belt before I picked up the bass about 2 years ago. Let's just say it has made learning the bass extremely quick and rewarding.
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  10. Tad

    Tad Supporting Member

    Dec 10, 2007
    Boise, Idaho
    Nothing. I always wanted to be a bassist.

    I have some guitars that I fool with, but I’m a bassist not a guitarist.

    I do have to say that I originally bought a guitar to try to figure out what the guitarists were actually doing. Primarily because most of them couldn’t really tell me.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
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  11. fdeck

    fdeck Supporting Member Commercial User

    Mar 20, 2004
    Madison WI
    HPF Technology LLC
    I played flute and cello through high school. When I was in middle school, the band teacher started a jazz band and recruited me to play bass. The upright basses were all unplayable, so I got a used Fender Mustang Bass and taught myself to play it during summer vacation. Upright bass came later, when I was in college.
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  12. TDPRI Bones

    TDPRI Bones Guest

    Jul 25, 2019
    Played guitar from 1980-1982 then switched to bass until 1998, then switched to guitar until 2019. Now I'm back on the bass and still playing guitar. I was surprised that after a 21 year lay off with the bass that I was able to more or less just pick up where I left off, probably actually play better now with less effort.
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  13. Jephmo


    May 7, 2019
    Started out as a drummer (still play) and then picked up guitar. Starting playing upright bass in high school orchestra because they were short on players. Discovered that bass parts came naturally, most likely due to my drum background. Still play guitar occasionally but find guitars feel too small and the strings too thin now :)
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  14. mtd435


    Jan 19, 2015
    In first grade my mom took me to the Mother Goose Parade in El Cajon, CA. When the marching band reached where we were standing, the "music" stopped. The percussion section took over and thumped out a cadence that sent me into a tizzy. I was six. I said mom, "I HAVE TO PLAY THE DRUMS!!!". She said, "Sure honey, no problem, but FIRST you have to take a year's worth of piano lessons". On day number 366, and after suffering through piano lessons, I finally got my first snare drum. Lessons were free after school at that time, but you had to carry the drum in a suitcase on the bus. That was fun. I started playing my first kit in 3rd grade and played drums all through junior high.

    So, in high school we decided to start a band. There were two guitar players, a keyboard player and two drummers. My drummer buddy had the better kit, so he got to play drums. My dad took me down to my uncle's music store (Ozzie's Music) and helped me buy my first bass - an early 70's, aqua blue, Fender Musicmaster (which I wish I still had). That was 45 years ago. I STILL can't play a guitar to save my life...
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  16. dab12ax7ef


    Sep 25, 2011
    Violin lessons from 6 to playing in school til 14. Then electric bass at 13. Then some double bass in school from 15 and lessons in college. I can strum some guitar and a little self taught drums, but I only call myself a bass player here at 33 years of age.
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  17. selowitch

    selowitch Supporting Member

    Aug 6, 2005
    Rockville MD
    Violin and clarinet before starting on bass at around age 14.
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  18. Keger Jupit

    Keger Jupit Inactive

    May 10, 2018
    The Great PNW!!
    Now THAT is funny! :roflmao: :roflmao:

    Hi OP. I'm kinda in the same boat you were. Took guitar lessons in 6th grade, learned E major & minor, & G major...then our teacher quit. Begged my parents for drums, my grandparents bought a set from some friends of theirs whose son had tried them out...& it came with no snare! :banghead: I was born with a wooden spoon in my mouth, not a silver one, so getting a snare wasn't in the cards.

    Those were the 2 silver linings in my story though. For 2 1/2 years I got to watch/listen to our church bassist, Sean O'Leary. A brilliant player, very melodic. Once I realized it was OK to play like that, it was all over but the calluses! I am very grateful I got to listen to him. At 15, my journey began, & i've never looked back!
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  19. Jon Muir

    Jon Muir

    Jun 13, 2018
    Cincinnati, OH
    Damn I played piano for 3 years, picked up bass and trumpet in 4th grade and quit piano, now am 6 years into trumpet and bass and am quitting school trumpet for string bass. Sounds similar to you.
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  20. bassplayer9512


    Sep 26, 2011
    Played trumpet for 6 years while in high school and was first chair for 3 of them. Fell in love with bass. Still occasionally pull the trumpet out.
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