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What is a Hohner J Bass worth.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by steve2, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. steve2


    Sep 23, 2001
    Piney Flats, TN
    My LMS has a very nice looking Hohner J fretless bass. I asked the owner of the age and he had no idea. Someone just came and traded it in a couple months ago. The fretboard has partial markers on it. I am just trying to see if it is worth what they have it priced at which is $400. US. How is the quality of them. Would they be compariable to a MIM J Bass? I did hear him once call it a B bass. Thanks.
  2. I have a fretted JJ Pro albeit with a non-Hohner replacement neck.

    I paid $200.00 for it which I consider a bargain. I like it very much. Its fit and finish is very good. The body is satin-finished dark quilted maple and it looks great and it uses EMGs.

    The neck is a late 60's Matsumoku-produced Jazz clone and is of excellent quality. Recently, I've replaced the bridge with a Schaller roller model.


    I also have a Hohner B Bass V which is neck-through and also has EMGs. This is my main gigging bass.


    Personally, I think they are very underrated.
  3. Carias


    Aug 31, 2006
    Try the Bbass V. Excellent, Jazz sound, very light and neckthru. You can get it on the evil bay for $350. There is also the B2AV, which is the headless version, awesome!! Maybe $450. Korean basses but good construction and sound!
  4. steve2


    Sep 23, 2001
    Piney Flats, TN
    I really not looking for a hohner but since my LMS has one it brought an intrest to me since I dont have a fretless. I was thinking about trading my ESP 6 string for it or a Artcore.
  5. As for fretless, I have two - a defretted old Vantage double 'P' - I don't have a pic yet as I'm in the middle of renovating it - but it plays great with much 'Mwah' and sounds amazing with double P pups, and roundwounds - tuned EADG.


    My main fretless is a beautiful old (1986 I think) Westone Thunder III Second Edition.


    This is another neck-through. Woods are maple, walnut & ash, with ebony fingerboard. Active electrics with passive treble run-off, P and Humbucking pups both serial/parallel switchable. I have Rotosound Flats on this an it's tuned BEAG.

    Again, tremendously under-rated - and dirt cheap on Ebay.
    Beautiful build

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