What is a vocalist and what is a singer?

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    I read a definition here, today, which was different from what I looked up from the experts at Quora, and also different from my own rule of thumb (which is admittedly eccentric).

    The wizards of Quora say a singer is someone who sings, but a vocalist is a really good singer. That anyone can be a singer but a vocalist is another level entirely. I think that maybe there ought to be more of an unarguable difference than that.
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    Nov 22, 2017
    They are synonyms. Both words mean the same thing.
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    I always considered a vocalist was someone who could sing AND scat!
  4. Nashrakh


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    A singer sings, a vocalist can also grunt, scream, gargle, do the cookie monster thing.
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    Hi sears :)


    Borrowed from Old French vocal, borrowed from Latin vōcālis. Doublet of vowel.

    (source: Wiktionary)

    A vocalist is a singer who had French (or Latin) at school! :laugh:


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    Aug 7, 2005
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    I am totally fine with them being synonymous.

    The distinction I made in my mind was that a vocalist is a singer + microphone. I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to repurpose "vocalist" to mean, someone who plays the microphone? Bing was more of a vocalist; guys like Van Morrison and Springsteen are more singers. Singers can fill a hall without amplification by using proper singing technique. I doubt Justin Timberlake can -- not to take anything away from his artistry. You can be both singer and vocalist. Someone like Whitney Houston comes to mind. Anyway, enough raving.
  7. I consider vocalist to be a more generic term. For example I consider someone doing Cookie Monster vocals in a metal band to be a vocalist but not a singer. It’s not something I’m super picky about though. It’s not like people calling a kick drum a bass drum for example (they are two completely different instruments that aren’t even played with the same limbs lol)
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    Both are a special breed that need much attention. They usually have a sore throat for several months of the year and can be incredibly deaf and require more monitor than any normal human can tolerate. Both are one in the same.
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  9. Beware the frog!
  10. Mata Leao

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    Dec 21, 2017
    Various levels of pretenciousness. Same as the difference between a bassist and bass player.
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