What is best?run through pa or amp

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  1. Sorry if this post is in the wrong place, seems like the place for it to me.
    In our church (not a very large church) we run bass, guitars and vocals all through the pa system, with a separate amp for the monitors, but i still have trouble hearing my bass. I use a sans amp di unit to boost the signal, but it comes out too loud through the mains, and the sound guy just turns me down anyway.
    Would it be better to run my amp (a fender bassman 100, for now) on stage, and di it to the main board,(it has a di out)?
    That way I can turn up my stage volume and the sound guy can do what ever he wants out front.
    I think this would be better, but they tell me no. The sound guy is not that experienced, and I think he doesnt want to deal with another peice of equipment.
    A guy that works in the music store once told me, it would be better with the amp, because you not only need to hear the bass, but to feel it also, is this true??
    What type of cord does one use for di anyway?
    any advice would be helpful, thanx
  2. White_Knight


    Mar 19, 2000
    That is exactly what I would do. Use your Fender as a stage amp and set it up however you want volume and tone-wise. Then run a DI out (usually an XLR mic cable) to the mixing board. The soundman can do whatever he wants with you in the mains. Another alternative would be to run into your SansAmp and then run two seperate lines (the XLR to the mains and one of the 1/4" outputs to your stage amp). Either way you get to control your tone and volume, while the soundman gets to control how you sound in the mains. Everybody's happy.
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    May 24, 2001
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    The sound guy probably doesn't want to fight the stage volume of your amp. Do you use drums?
  4. Yes we use drums, but it is a electronic set, going through the mix, which is part of the reason i switched from drums to bass. Many times we cannot hear the drums or bass, or someone else. When we finally get it all set up right at rehearsal, the next day, everything has changed. Really weird.
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    Jul 11, 2001
    sounds like your sound tech doesn't know what he is doing.... i would use your amp..... i have never gone directly into a system... mainly because of the hearing issues.. Tell you sound guy to set everything at the same level and adjust from there. This way he won't start everything at different places and be turning things up and down all over the place.. when I was in my church praise band we actually had a very nice system.. 10,000 watt amps 48 channel mixing board and all that other good stuff.. of the guy the did sound for us is a professional sound tech and just happened to work at the church.. we alwas had a decent balance.... however he is a bit of a hard rocker and loves to hear the bass and sometimes he would crank my bass volume just a bit high.. oh well... more for me..