What is considered low-mid, center mids, and high mids?

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  1. What frequencies are considered low-mid, center mids, and high-mids?

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    on a bass guitar:
    Low mid about 100hz to 250
    Mid mid 250 to 750
    Hi MID 750 to 1.2khz
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    Those terms are broad and open to interpretation. For a bass guitar, you might call the range from 120Hz to 400Hz "low mids", 400Hz to 900Hz "mids", and 1KHz to 2KHz "high mids", but I wouldn't be surprised or bothered if someone else picked different numbers.

  5. thats about right.
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    If I had to pick a number for each, I would consider 230 hz low mids, 800 mids, and 1500 hi mids...which would place them within the above ranges.
  7. 250-800-2k