What is it? Warwick Edition!

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  1. I was at Guitar Center the other day (Don't judge! I love my local GC, despite the occasionally inept pricing of used good...) and I saw the most beautiful Warwick I've ever played (which was interesting, because it was actually a RockBass!) It had a lovely purple satin finish on the body, and the neck was all one dark wood. Beats me as to what that wood actually was, and knowing Warwick, that could be lots of things.... It had a single dual jazz MEC humbucker, and three knobs which were all stacked. I'm pretty sure the preamp was aftermarket, but I've been wrong before, and I quite enjoy it. There was a bass/treble knob, a mid/mid frequency knob, and a volume/what seemed to be blend between the two coils knob. It had a design similar to a Fortress or a Corvette, definitely not a Streamer. Huge upper horn, it rested on my upper chest. I could rest my chin on the thing. Gold hardware on the bridge, knobs, and machine heads. Four strings, no inlays. Uh, let's see... (I'm trying to describe everything.) There was the Warwick logo, that funky W on the headstock, and RockBass was in wee little letters on the truss rod cover. Thing sounded glorious. Probably one of the most tight and focused basses I've ever played, if a bit sterile. Definitely the best single humbucker bass I've ever played. Thing eats Stingrays for breakfast (No offense to Stingray fans, of course!) Seemed to be a bit older of a bass, maybe. I don't know if that's just because it seemed the knobs were in need of the cleaning, but it didn't scream 'recent' to me. Can't find it on Warwick's site under Corvettes or Fortresses. Assist me, O sages wise in the ways of bass! Assist me on my quest to find out just what in the world this thing is!
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    Fortress Masterman?
  3. Well that was quick. Thank you, Mr. Webtroll, for your sagely advice.
  4. Question though: Was that preamp stock? I've never seen a blend pot on a single pickup bass. I s'pose you could throw one into a dual jazz pickup, but it's just not something I'm used to seeing.