what is self-oscillation?

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  1. I've read and seen the term "self-oscillation" often when talking about delays, but I don't know what it means...What exactly is "self-oscillation"?

    I did a search, nothing...

    if someone has a scientific and practical explanation, that would be awesome.

    sound clips would be appreciated


  2. Self-oscillation is an effect that you get when you turn the feedback amount up really high on analog or analog modelling (I believe some digital units as well) delays. Where they delay gets to the point where it is cascading the delay into the delay of the delay of the delay of the delay... etc.

    For some very pronounced examples I recommend listening to some older Butthole Surfers albums. They use it to great effect on their vocal tracks a lot.
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    When the level and saturation of the delay repeats hits a certain point, it starts to feed back into itself, and like any feedback loop it gets louder and louder and crazier and crazier the longer you let it run. In delays, the signal feeding back into itself causes more delay repeats on the original repeats, so you get an endless wash (or even a screaming torrent) of sound. That sound can be played with by twiddling the knobs of the delay, and you can fade it in and out, and goose it along a bit with more signal input. Delay self-oscillation is better than pot, and better with pot (if you're into that sort of thing). ;)
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  4. Ah, that's a much better description.

    What *he* said.
  5. One word: "fluid"
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    Something that though everyone does it, we try not to talk about it in polite society. :oops:
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    It was only a matter of time. You beat me to it, no pun intended.
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