What is that guitar????

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  1. Does anybody know what guitar Josh Homme plays on the queens o f the stone age video ''no one knows''?I am real big fan of pawnshop oddities and that's definately one.Answers like ''lead guitar dumass!'' are unacceptable.
  2. It's an Ovation electric. I forgot which model, but it's an Ovation.
  3. Are you sure,cause i browsed trough ovation's website and i couldn't find any electric models.Plus the headstock doesn't look like an ovation.It looks more like a vox,or a hagstrom,or a dipinto.
    Anyway,do you also happen to know what guitar Jack White of the white stripes plays(that weird red one that looks like a dipinto)?
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    Don't know too much about it...but if you do a search you'll probaly find more info.

    Edit: more info here :D
  5. josh homme plays an ovation electric...he even says in his interviews that he uses ovation electric...the headstock gives it away
  6. I heard somewhere he plays custom made guitars... cant recall for the life of me who makes em or where I heard it though, maybe I'm going mad!
  7. [​IMG]
    look at the name on the headstock
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    The fact you expect an answer like that (and with that tone) says more about you than about the Forum.
  9. Cause we all know that TB members never give sarcastic answers.
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    Jack White often uses Airlines and Nationals. I think I've seen him use the Nationals more often. I'm not sure, but he could be using Metropolitans, which are based on the old National designs.
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    Sarcasm abounds, but insulting remarks like "Lead guitar dumbass" are rare and often against the rules.
  12. I know its against the rules. I was just merely hinting that we get a lot of sarcastic (and often ignorant comments from some people). Guess maybe I should have made my statement a little more clear.
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    While josh normally uses Ovation electrics I think for No one knows he used a Maton guitar?
  14. The place where people throw fits about being "bassists" not "bass players," the place where electric bass players are not real bassists, the place where pick=hack, the place where Jaco only needed 4 strings, the place where Les Claypool is god and Shavo sucks, the place where you're a moron if you don't prefer a semi-parametric eq to anything else...

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    No need to apologize, TGB.

    Just that "Lead Guitar, Dummy" doesn't really count as wit in my book.

    But you're right. To some folks here, that is the high road. Sad really.
  16. I should apologize.

    You're right, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that he may have gotten that answer. I just don't understand people's motivations of the "bassist against the world" line of thought. Maybe it's more because I think of myself as a musician that's primarily a bass player, but who also enjoys playing guitar.

    Thanks 'Bird!
  17. You probably can't find anything on their website because they quit making electric guitars in the early 80's. I own a 1980 Ovation Viper III (single cutaway as opposed to the double cut-away in the picture earlier in this thread) and Ovation quit making those in 1982. It plays great and, I think, has an outstanding blues tone on the neck pickup. The only drawback with it is being ribbed about playing a "Keith Partridge" guitar.

    I think the one that he's playing in an Ovation Preacher, but I'm not sure.
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  19. I knew this thing was not an ovation thanks maga(dude in greek that is)

    Anyway,about the "lead guitar dummy"thing.I start to believe that there's no one sharing the same or almost the same kind of humour with me.Obviously i didn't expect that kind of answer and sarcasm is defenitely out of bounds of this forum.So please can you cut some slack,even though you probably don't get me.I am also really sad about that i get criticism on a personal level about(that wit thing).Anyway this is where my mediterranean temperament kicks in and things get ugly so i'll just drop it.