What is the purpose of mockery?

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    What am I trying to accomplish when I mock and make fun of another person. Here are some possibilities.

    1.I might just be having a good time with a friend. I send friendly darts his way and he fires them back. This can be a lot of fun and I have a good time teasing my friends. I do this a lot with my wife as well. When I do this it is important to know my audience.

    2.I could be trying to prove a point. Mockery is not an effective method to do this. Those who agree with me might enjoy it but if I mock the beliefs and/or ideas of someone else for this purpose it can end a productive discussion and cause division.

    3. I could be trying to humiliate someone. If that is my purpose then mockery is a good method. The next question of course is why would I want to humiliate someone. It could make them angry or cause them pain or both.

    4. Maybe I am just trying to entertain and/or impress my friends at the expense of someone else. Maybe the person I am talking trash about is not around. Someone I had a lot of respect for once became much smaller in my eyes when I heard him mocking a very sweet women who was struggling to get by as a single mother with two teenage children.

    I have done all of these things but lately I am asking myself why.
  2. I think why depends on purely context and situation.

    Mockery is a form of sarcasm.

    Mockery is a form of comedy.

    Mockery is a form of derision.

    You list all of these things.

    It really depends on situation and usage.
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    Could be just to amuse yourself. As long as nobody else (the target) hears it, fine. As soon as the target hears it and is affected, not so fine.
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    everyone needs a hobby
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    Mocking someone is a failsafe for when you can't think of a good comeback. Always makes bystanders laugh, which gives the impression of quick wit, and in turn makes you the victor in a verbal duel.
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    I will not be mocked!

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    Hey wait a minute, are you guys mocking me? :bag: :p
  9. It's a fun dance to do with your hands and feet! Oh wait... that's the macarana. Nevermind.
  10. I love a bit of the old banter mockery. A bit like wrestling. Entertaining, good exercise, and nobody really gets hurt. But mockery from a self-righteous standpoint? Nah!

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    The purpose of mockery is to get a laugh at anothers expense.
  12. To make yourself feel superior. This need typically stems from insecurity.
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    It's funny until someone gets hurt.

    Which was what used to always happen to me when I mocked my ex.
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    My wife wields mockery like a weapon - a very sharp weapon that cuts to the bone.
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