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What is the Roland GK3B Bass Synth?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Jakobro7, May 18, 2018.

  1. Jakobro7


    Jan 27, 2018
    OK so i am really into synthesizers and i want to use my bass guitar to play one right, but not just one specific synth but all synths that have a midi port. I know i could just learn to play keyboards, but meh, i really like seeing peoples eyes going crazy wondering which instrument is playing the synthy stuff, even though there is no keyboard. So in order to do this I have heard good stuff about the Roland g synth bass series, but they are pretty expensive (but if push came to shove I would be willing to pay) and they are old so if something goes wrong i might not be able to find anybody who could fix it. But now i am hearing of this Roland GK3B Bass Synth Pickup. So now I want to know exactly what this is, how it works, if its good, and could i use it to play on any synth with midi capabilities?
  2. It is an add on pickup for a bass, or, you can get a kit for a permanent installation in an instrument. At least, you can get the permanent kit for the guitar version. Basically, it triggers one of the Roland GR synthesizers. It uses a 13 pin cable so you can’t plug it directly into another synth but the GR units all have MIDI out sooo.. Having said that, I have had better luck with the guitar version. For me, at least, the bass version is a bit touchy to set up and has to be exactly right to work. I believe there is some type of a Roland owners club or some such on talkbass.

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