What is this ???

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  1. Hi Bassfriends !
    Just found this old looking pickup, but what brand is it ?
    Please click to view :
    (New scan as of the 3 of October)

    I have compared it with my Realist, Wilson and this little piece
    of "crap" sounds much better than both of the "giants" !

    The wires are likely not going to last very much longer and I would
    like to replace it with a new one.

    Do you know what brand or type it is ?
    Thanks for any help !

    Kind regards,
    Christian Veltman
    Stockholm Sweden

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  2. The pick installs by squezing it to the
    "wing" of the bridge. It was wrapped in
    a small piece of rubber so it does not rattle
    due to vibrations.

    Thanks !
    Christian V
  3. Hmmm.... Looks kind of like an older Schecter pickup, they were great. Or a "wing" pickup, but I don't remember them being cased in rubber, anyway, they don't make them anymore.
    The most modern comparison that I could make is A K&K Bass Max. But I can't really tell too much from just looking at the transducer. Does it connect to a 1/4 inch jack, or a
    volume control box,or plug straight into an impedance matching device?
  4. Hello reedo35,
    the pickup is soldered on to 1/4 telejacket (female)
    likely not original. I connect it directly to
    my Hartke combo, no need for a preamp or impedance matching
    devices. Very simple but very good.
    The rubber is a small piece simply wrapped around the pickup. Original ? I don´t know.

    Ther are no markings or brandname.

    Christian V