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What is your favorite way to spend Sunday afternoon?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Chad Michael, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. Curious as to what my TB peeps do on Sunday afternoon... :confused:

    Us: I love to watch golf on TV, hang out with my wife and 2 y.o. son, and eat leftover macaroni and cheese. You know, when the reheated mac & cheese loses its creamy texture and gets that oily finish on it.

    Now you. :)
  2. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX

    However, I was robbed of it today, since I went and got some exercise, and then cleaned the kitchen.
  3. :spit:

    Messy kitchens are the work of the devil!!!

    I HATE cleaning the kitchen!!

    Brendan, you have the willpower of a saint. ;)
  4. bassturtle


    Apr 9, 2004
    Sundays are family days for me and my wife. However, today I'm hanging out with you stinky bass players because she's out of town for the weekend. :bawl:

    /singings along with the Jackson 5

    Ain't no sunshine when she's gone...

  5. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    The hell I do. I've got people coming over about possibly renting out the other room.
  6. Sonorous


    Oct 1, 2003
    Denton, TX
    Sleep. Play bass. Listen to music. TB. AIM. Friends.
  7. :D :D We typically only clean house, expecting visitors, also. :oops: :ninja:
  8. :(

    Hope you get some.... umm ... sunshine :D when she returns. :)
  9. Matthew Bryson

    Matthew Bryson Guest

    Jul 30, 2001
    What's my favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?



  10. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    I'm fine with my own filth. Others are not.
  11. Tomarrow I have to go to the dentist.

    Supposidly they put my braces on wrong and now they got to rip them off and try again.

    I hate them. Like, 5 months for nothing. I'm sueing.
  12. Passinwind

    Passinwind I Know Nothing Supporting Member Commercial User

    Dec 3, 2003
    Columbia River Gorge, WA.
    Owner/Designer &Toaster Tech Passinwind Electronics
    Weekends are about windsurfing for me, in the summer. Right now, it's blowing 25+, less than a mile from my house, and I can't go, 'cause I tweaked my back tubing a river in Wisconsin on my "vacation". Guess I'll go into the shop and fix an amp or sumthin. :eyebrow:

  13. amen....................
  14. Sonorous


    Oct 1, 2003
    Denton, TX
    Maybe your dentist put them on wrong because he/she is a DENTIST.
  15. Kavorka


    Mar 28, 2002
    Austin, Texas
    When its no so freaking hot in Texas, we like to take my 2 year old to the park and let him run, run, run. In the dead of the summer, however, I hibernate indoors (climate controlled) and try to play bass in between playing with hotwheels with my boy. :D
  16. wingnutkj


    Mar 27, 2003
    Today was pretty much it: Lying out in the garden with a few cold beers and some excellent music*, basking in the sun and letting my mind wander.

    Days of uninterruped sunshine aren't really what Scotland is known for, especially not both days of a weekend, so it's great to be able to take advantage of them when they occur.

    It's been a busy couple of days for me, socially, so it was good to get a bit of time alone to relax and let my mind freewheel. Later, I got a phone call from my best mate, filling me in on what happened after I left the previous night's party. He was still a bit garbled but it seemed to involve a chinchilla...

    *Gridlock: Formless - probably not to everyone's taste, but I love that lush-melodies-crunchy-beats electronica thing they do.
  17. football.

    well, september-february at least.
  18. JTbass


    Jul 2, 2004
    Asutin TX
    i get up and go to the little store across the alley from my house and get a sunday paper and an assortment of beverages, usualy a gatorade and a few other sodas or whatever looks good. then i go get a couple of breakfast tacos at the little hole in the wall place next door do the store. after that i just sit around the house and watch tv or fool around on the computer or play bass or play with the dog or read a book.

    sunday is my only day off work so im always realy happy. i havent done anything other than this on a sunday for months. except for a couple of weeks ago when i actualy got to take a long weekend off from work to go out of town and visit my dad and new baby brother.

    sundays are great
  19. Most Sundays go like this for me:
    hang out with my best friend at either his or my house til after supper, then the visitor leaves and I go on the internet to talk to friends and come here. I know that is what next sunday will be like. The one after that however I am going with a friend to play pool and try and meet some women (might also go to hot topic to see if I can find any goth chicks :cool: ) so I might be spending it with a new girlfriend. I hope so.

    Today, I was on here at 4 AM before I went to bed, then got up at 9:30 or so and went to breakfast. talked to two people from here on MSN messenger. Then went to the mall, got some black, sexellent, fly pants :)D) to wear when I go play pool and go to hot topic :smug:, as well as a book, some of Tim Burton's"Tragic toys for Girls and Boys" and a HOT poster of Amy Lee form Evenessence.

    Band=eehh, they are ok, but all the songs sounded to much alike, IMHO.
    Poster= :eek: HOT GOTH CHICK, JAMIE LIKE!!! :p
  20. Good use of the words sexellent and fly pants.

    I promote you to Ba Gua Dragon, and whever I quote you, I shall change the name to the above named...name.

    Meh, I like Tiger better.