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What kind of cabinet to use with this combo?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by AnTz0r, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. Almost a year ago i bought a Trace Elliot combo - a
    BLX130 with the GP7SM pre-amp. It has 10"
    speaker (a Celestion custom made for TE it says on the
    back, i had it out a while ago). I use a Warwick
    5-string bass, with a low B. I have some questions
    about it the Trace combo now.

    Photo @ http://community.webshots.com/album/109830216NsCIlW/2

    Now i have started playing in a metal coverband.
    Sometimes we play in a rehearsal room and i can use an
    Ampeg 8x10 (fridge-model) with a 400W SVT, sometimes
    we were in a smaller room and i used my Trace.

    Our drummer is one from hell, we all set our volume so
    that it fits his "playing style". I find that i need
    to turn the volume up to 4,5 to 5 to get enough
    volume. The GP7SM manual from your site says you can't
    turn up louder than 4.

    We will have our first gig upcoming in 2 months, we
    are gonna play through our own amps with non-amplified
    drums. I am planning on using my Trace. Any tips for
    how to position it? The vertical slot is really weird,
    i believe it had something to do with a physics law?
    It is going to be a small bar gig, the bar is about 5
    meters wide, deepness from stage to other end about
    20-25 meters. We are going to play 2 sets of 45
    I have also talked to some other people, they were
    using a 10" extension cabinet from TE. I know these
    are discontinued, what kind of cab should i get?

    What kind of speakers should it have, given it now has only a 10" one? And how many watts should the cab be rated at?
  2. i have some options second hand, some of these are:

    a Trace 4x10 600W?
    a Trace 1x15 600W?
    Bag-end 4x10 800W
    Ampeg 4x10 or 2x10

    what do you think would be best?

    is it generally bad to have a cab that is rated 5x as much as your amp?
  3. Any of those cabs are going to work for you! If you've got all those options, why not try each and see which one punches the hardest?
  4. because there is no shop that still has TE cabs.

    i can go to a shop and see what i like best there concernign speaker configuration. i wont know how it will handle band rehearsals or gigs.

    and i can't A/B different kinds of brands. the nearest shop with a large selection of basscabs is 300 km (190 miles) away.

    and i want to know what other people think of it :) and if theres problems with the watt thing, no headroom available.

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