What kind of Peavey?

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  1. I traded today for an older made PV 15" cabinet...It's got a cloth grill, black tolex covered and casters...The Peavey logo is kinda off to the side, not centered Like I've seen before...Thanks!

  2. ESP-LTD


    Sep 9, 2001
    The earliest Peavey cabs had Eminence 15's with fairly small voice coils, and square magnet structures. This is 70-80's stuff.

    By the 90's the cabs were using either Scorpions, which had aluminum frames with rounded-off corners; very distinctive from the front or BW's.

    Black Widow's usually had a seperate Black Widow emblem on the front. BW's have cast frames, big voice coils and magnets.

    I think they dropped Tolex around 1995 in favor of black carpet.
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    Sep 2, 2002
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    I had a very early Peavey 15. It was only about 12 inches deep. The speaker was towards the top and the slotted port flared to a horn shape on the bottom. Not much bottom end but it threw low mids pretty well as I recall. IMHO, the newer BX series ushered in an era where Peavey learned from (IMO) mistakes of the past. Up until the BX series, all of the Peavey cabinets that I encountered or owned had cabinets that were, honestly, too small for their drivers, which cut the bottom end response. The 115 mentioned above was one example, the original 1810 was another infamous one...the larger 1820 was an attempted fix, but the enclosure for the 18 was still too small. The D series twin 15 was a very nice cab and actually had nice lows. The BX and TX series heralded the arrival of the modern Peavey bass cabinets with prodigious low end...and they haven't looked back since.

  4. This one's about a foot deep, also...but the port is on the left and the speaker on the right, I'm gonna buy another cabinet, and put a tweeter in it, but for now, this and my homemoade JBL Loaded cabinet are kick ass...I finally got the other speaker cable rigged together(AC cord and 2 1/4" Plugs) And THEY KICK ASS!!
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    Sep 2, 2002
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    That's the 115 model that came out right after my 'horn-loaded' cab.
  6. Got any specs on those?I've also kinda got an iquiry about this thing..The PV and my JBL together, are louder and punchier..and when I get loud, the JBL can't keep up...from what I've read, this thing is only supposed to have about 50-70W RMS, and it's gettin 175...and this thing clicks when it gets loud, and farts out, too...Anyone know another good loud punchy cabinet for cheap?Cause I can't use this thing, I'm afraid i'm gonna blow it up.