What kind of pick ups are these?? - On no name vintage Jazz Bass.

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm new to bass talk (1st thread) but have been playing bass for 20+ years. Only recently have a started to take an interest in what is happening beneath the pickgaurd cover on my basses.

    Anyways, I was going to attempt to freshen this no name jazz bass I bought about 10 years ago with new pots/ wiring. But after I opened it up I noticed it's not wired how I have seen other jazz bass wiring. Admittedly I know practically nothing about wiring, or pickups for that matter.

    So I wondered if these pick ups are humbuckers or single coils? And how to determine the difference? Maybe one of you can look at this wiring at let me know what I might have over here.

    Thanks anyone who takes the time to reply. This website is awesome! And you are all awesome! :) glad to be finally making a thread. Hope you all have great bass moments in the near future 16171520807033128986982776199444.jpg 16171520807033128986982776199444.jpg 16171521418752331252350007413535.jpg 16171520807033128986982776199444.jpg 16171521418752331252350007413535.jpg 16171522442572628036491644441155.jpg 16171522789988425700546665993034.jpg 16171523215153060226734736486210.jpg 16171523891053640239673056674408.jpg 16171524204292337256181526214395.jpg 16171524919014657214522497035348.jpg 1617152511297646983806459718868.jpg !
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    Wow, that’s funky! The pickup looks like a single coil. If you remove it and look inside the casing (if it’s removable), there should only be one coil. The wiring looks like your typical V-V-T, though I’m no electronics expert.
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  3. spatters


    Mar 25, 2002
    Those are single coil pickups.

    Usually only humbucking guitar pickups have screw-adjustable pole pieces, but the screws aren't what makes them humbucking! (It's having two separate pickups in one unit, one reverse wound/reverse polarity, so that the signals are added together but the noise cancels out.)

    I agree that the wiring looks like standard volume-volume-tone. Pots appear to be 500K from the numbers, but measure them yourself to make sure. No idea what the cap value is. If you like it you can probably just stick the old cap on the new pots.

    Pickup location is odd, too. The bridge pickup is WAY closer to the bridge than on a standard J bass. Add that to the plywood body and I'm guessing late 60s/early 70s Japanese, or perhaps early 80s Korean.
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    I’m looking at buying this exact bass on Macebook Farketplace and I think it’s an unlabeled Hondo II if that helps with identifying the pups.