What kinda Amp for an 8 ohm 2 x10?? I NEED HELP!

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  1. I have just put some money down on an SWR Goliath Junior 2 x 10 cab, and it's 8 ohms (350W). The thing i'm not sure about is getting an Amp. I understand that most Amps have output at 4 ohms, which means that if I only plug one cab into it (at 8 ohms) I will get about half the power output from the Amp. This is kinda lame in my opinion, cause if I buy an amp, I want to be able to use ALL its power.

    Now, the main reason I decided to get an 8 ohm Cab is because I want to, at a later stage, buy a second one and stack them. Then I can actually run the WHOLE amount of Watts from the amp across two cabs :)

    I was wondering whether or not it is worth getting an Amp that is like 700-800W at 4 ohms. Would this mean that I could run a single 8 ohm cab at like 350- 400 W, and two at the total power output? If so, could you please recommend some amps that would allow me to do this? Or have I got it completely wrong? Help me PLEASE!! thanx.
  2. No. You haven't got it wrong. You've got it just about right.

    Of course, there's not a lot you can do about being unable to utilise about half your amp's power under those circumstances.

    Neither can you buy an amp that delivers (say) 800 Watts into 8 Ohms then add another 8 Ohm cab later so the total load = 4 Ohms and expect 1600 Watts. You might get a lot of smoke from the vents, but you'll not get 1600 Watts!!!

    You appear to be thinking about this in the correct way: considering your future needs. If you're never going to need (say) 800 Watts then get an amp that delivers what the cab can handle. If you are, then go the way you've described.

    I can't be specific about brands because I'm just not up on that stuff.

    Rockin John
  3. Do u think maybe it's worth swapping the 8 ohm for the 4 ohm Cab? That way I can get one of those head units like the Eden 800 with two amplifiers on board, so I can get 400W out each one. Then I can use them both, or just one of them. I'm not sure what to do. What would you guys get?
  4. Dunno. Either way you're still running about 400 Watts. Perhaps it comes down to price. Plus the fact that, with the Eden, if one amp goes down the show can still go on.