What kinda reserve???

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  1. mods if this brakes any rules close it.

    OK heres what i got.

    AXL tiger pro 6 string bass.
    • Quilted Maple Top
    • Solid Alder Body
    • Active Pickups
    • Rock Maple Neck
    • Rosewood Fretboard with Sharktooth design
    • 2-Band EQ, Volume and Balance Controls
    • Gold Plated Hardware

    im gonna put it on the bay but i need to know an aprox reserve.

    I paid £400 for it and its still in mint condition with a fresh set of strings

    what say you. :confused:

    any help greatly apreciated

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  2. Toasted


    May 26, 2003
    Leeds, UK
    You'll be lucky to get £250 on ebay.co.uk IMO.

    You could try to sell it on a uk form here: www.bassworld.co.uk
  3. bump sorry but this is important need to know by friday
  4. I've never heard of AXL basses? are they big in the UK?
  5. i dont think so. ive only seen that 1 six string and a couple of 4s. but it is good quality nice sound and everything but i dont use it enough. the plan is to sell it and use the money to a) buy a fretless and b)have enogh money left over to go and see my girlfriend. i reckon if i could get about £300 for it that yould cover a cheapo fretless and leve me enough.
  6. Seeing its not a well known manufacturer it doesnt really matter how good it sounds

    + There isnt much of a market for 6 stringers on ebay uk ( Got my BTB406QM for £250 on ebay, i was the only bidder and it was practically mint condition, dont know how the ALX compairs, but Ibanez are a well known company)
  7. purfektstranger


    Apr 10, 2003
    I really don't know anything about the AXL basses but did see a brand new six stringer (although white in color) for 248 pounds at an online site.