What makes an artist?

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    Jul 27, 2001
    What makes an artist? What do you people think makes an artist? If someone does not write their own songs are they an artist? If someone does not sing live are they an artist? I think if you don't write your own songs well you should not be called an "Artist". I see this mainly in Pop music or what I like to call a product. When I talk to people that listen to pop music about this they tell me that even though they don't write or play their songs they are an artist. Many of them say "They have a good voice" well then does a good voice make an artist? What do you people think?
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    personaly, i think it's a bunch of bull.

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    what makes an artist is his or her ability to express themselves in a meaningful way. the painting done of the madonna made out of elephant crap was not art. the person did it for the shock value, and if they did it as a means of expressing themselves then i'm fine with that but find a better way to do it buddy besides smearing a painting with elephant droppings.
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    Mar 20, 2001
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    <------ The hat. :D
  4. Lots of things.... If we are talking of the musical persuasion:
    Most importantly, a real artists work will stand the of time. Think of the most famous musicians of the past few decades: Dylan, Hendrix, Lennon, McCartney, Pink Floyd, Cobain, etc. They were true artists and shared similar traits:
    They were original,
    They wrote their own music and/or lyrics,
    They created what they want to create, not what the music labels wanted them to create,
    They were always pushing boundarys and experimenting.
    Thats what artists are.