What multi-effects pedal unit for me?

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  1. Ryanetics


    Apr 7, 2017
    Hi all,

    I have almost NEVER used effects except for some limited occasions to use envelope filters, compression, and distortion. But very, very rarely, and that's still the way I lean.

    BUT, after 25 years of mostly original music endeavors, I'm now playing in a few cover bands, and looking for a multieffects all-in-one unit that would be right for my situation. Which is to say, getting my bass to sound as much like the original material as possible.

    I'm not going TOO overboard with it -- if it's a clean tone in the original, I'm OK not sounding EXACTLY the same tone-wise. But I'd like to have a little something up my sleeve for those songs that require it. A good example would be 80s songs which may have been played on synths. Or envelope filters, or fuzz, distortion, etc.

    Boss has a bunch of all-in-ones, as does Digitech and a few others. Not looking to break the bank, but also not looking for something that's gonna fall apart or reach its limits before I do.

    Suggestions? Thanks!
  2. If you are looking for no muss no fuss classic tones then the Boss is certainly a strong contender but if you are more adventurous consider the Zoom B3n as it does offer effects that the Boss will lack.
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  3. Ryanetics


    Apr 7, 2017
    Looks cool! And obviously you have experience with it as well. Pretty easy to also plug and play if I just wanted to dive in to some basic effects? Pretty rugged?
  4. TodaysTomSawyer

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    May 2, 2017
    N. Oklahoma
    Boss and the Tech 21 bassflyrig have good mods. Which, it sounds like the Tech 21 BFR might suite you better as its simple, has what you need, and if you're not used to digital tones its not gonna be a drastic change. I found the synths on the Zoom B3n to be fussy and it sounds pretty digital and dark in front or through the effects loop of an amp. Also, power supply is a bit of a pain and produces whine and affects other gear if not isolated. You'll need an external D.I. if going FOH with the b3n too or need to remedy sending your dry signal. Its processing capacity can be limiting as well. Basically, getting familiar with multifx units in lower price ranges will save a lot headaches.
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