What narrow bridge to replace wide Takeuchi 5 string?

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  1. javadog


    Mar 13, 2010
    I have an opportunity to purchase a well made Warmoth Gecko style 5 string bass with medium size body and neck.
    It has a black Takeuchi bridge with 19mm string spacing. My other 2 basses have narrow spacing, around 16.5 to 17mm.
    I am considering buying it and putting on a more narrowly spaced replacement bridge.
    There used to be a narrow spaced Takeuchi bridge, but the Warmoth website states that it is for the small Gecko series bass bodies only.
    I called Warmoth to see if I could get one and they told me that the man making those bridges died and they don't expect to ever get any more.
    They also stated that they did not know of any other bridge on the market that could replace that one, due to the height of the strings above the body.
    That means I might to have to route the replacement bridge into the body, cut the string grooves deeper in the saddles, or shim the neck.
    I would be getting a good deal on the bass. Should I pass on it or buy it and take on the challenge of finding and fitting another bridge?